Hill Tribes and Caves: Hiking in Vietnam

Remote Lands x January 18, 2018

Curving around Cambodia and Laos, its east coast reaching all the way up to China, Vietnam is a country of intriguing history and glorious and varied landscapes. With some of the finest…

Vietnam War History Expedition

Remote Lands x January 18, 2018

The history of Vietnam is complex, rich and at times very troubling. A country often divided and fighting for its independence, the Vietnam of today is making a name for itself as…

The Best Beaches in Vietnam

Remote Lands x January 18, 2018

Despite boasting more than 2000 miles of coastline, Vietnam often gets overlooked as a beach holiday destination. In an effort to redress this glaring oversight on the part of beachlovers across the…

The Road to Heaven’s Gate: Ha Giang, Vietnam

Jay Tindall x January 18, 2018

In the northernmost nether regions of Vietnam exists a remote destination that has been open to tourism for a mere six years – Ha Giang, a region virtually untouched by the harmful effects of mass tourism and big industries.