5 Most Amazing Hotels in the Middle East

A visit to the Middle East should include a stay in one of the most surreal hotels in the world: think living like royalty in an Arabian palace or relaxing by your own personal pool in the desert.

Gettin’ Zighy With It

Zighy Bay – a sparkling turquoise beauty lapping upon soft golden sands, surrounded by jagged cliffs – unfurled before me. The hotel – Six Senses Zighy Bay – was as impressive as the scenery.

Upper House: Hong Kong’s Uppermost Hotel

In general if I have a choice, I prefer ultra-luxe boutique hotels, which tend to have more personalized service than huge hotels – and in Hong Kong, that means Upper House

Asia’s Most Opulent Hotel Rooms

Personal butler service, a personal chef, views that would make pilots jealous, and much more – these are all part and parcel of many of our top picks for Asia’s most expensive hotel suites. Read on to find how just how much bang you’ll be getting for your very top buck.

Phuket Luxury Resorts: Our Super Six

In this blog post, we’ve stood Phuket’s top six luxury hotels up against one another, and compared them, so that you can discover which hotel best suits your personal needs.

How to Choose the Right Luxury Bali Hotel

Bali has over 3,000 hotels scattered all over the compact but diverse island of over 6 million people. There are many different regions of Bali, and figuring out which areas and hotels to choose is confusing at best. Here’s our guide.