What to Do North of Luang Prabang

Northern Laos has more pleasures than those tucked away in Luang Prabang, including hill tribes, river kayaking, and inspiring hikes.

Face to Face with the Tribes of Phongsali

Phongsali in Northern Laos is beautiful and fascinating, as are the people I was lucky enough to meet here. They gave me an extraordinary insight into their lives, leaving me with exceptional experiences and vivid memories.

On the Tribal Trail in Luang Namtha

In the indigenous Lao people is where the country’s true beauty lies and they define the region as well as its pristine mountainous and landlocked landscapes

The Road to Heaven’s Gate: Ha Giang, Vietnam

In the northernmost nether regions of Vietnam exists a remote destination that has been open to tourism for a mere six years – Ha Giang, a region virtually untouched by the harmful effects of mass tourism and big industries.

Discovering the Tribes of Loikaw

A short flight from Yangon sits the very traditional Loikaw, one of the best places to head in Southeast Asia for a window into authentic tribal life. I was the very first foreign visitor to some of Loikaw’s more remote tribal areas.

Southern Laos: Tribal Secrets Unlocked

Southern Laos offers rarely seen and almost epic tribal adventure. The Brao, Alak, Katu or “Katang” and Ta Oi tribes all offer fascinating cultural insights.

Myanmar’s Kengtung: a Mecca of Tribal Diversity

During my visit to Kengtung, Myanmar, which is located not far from the Golden Triangle – close to Laos, Thailand and China – I discovered true diversity for its own sake, free of any other agenda, political or otherwise.