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When it comes to festivals in Hong Kong, the city´s rich Chinese heritage is usually at the forefront of celebrations. The lunar year kicks off with a big Chinese New Year party - always a spectacle not to miss. Other traditional festivals such as Buddha´s Birthday and the annual Dragon Boat Festival are also celebrated alongside more international events reflecting the vibrant food, art and culture scenes in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Chinese New Year

January 28 - 31 2017 | February 16 - 19 2018

The Chinese New Year is by far the biggest and most widely-celebrated festival in Hong Kong. Highlights include a stunning flower market at Victoria Park on Feb 18, followed by a night parade the next day. Proceedings are brought to an end with huge firework display over Victoria Harbour on Feb 20.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Flower Show

March 11-20 2016

Those with a passion for poppies or devotion to daffodils need look no further to satisfy their gardening needs than this 10-day event. An oasis in this often overwhelming city, the HK Flower Show presents a wide range of potted plants, landscape designs and floral arrangements.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

April 7 - 9 2017

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens has rapidly evolved into one of the sport's biggest international events. The annual three-day competition, held every March or April, invites 7-a-side teams from all over the world to compete in front of 40,000 fans inside Hong Kong Stadium. The 15-minute games guarantee lightning fast plays and high adrenaline action.

Hong Kong

Birthday of Tin Hau

April 29 2017

To mark the birthday of the widely revered Tin Hau, Goddess of the Sea and Patron Saint of Fishermen, locals flock to over 70 temples dedicated to her across Hong Kong. Celebrations include a colorful procession of fishing boats through Sai Kung and a three-hour parade through Yuen Long with lion dancers and marching bands.

Hong Kong

Cheung Chau Bun Festival

April 30 - May 4 2017

Previously listed as a ´Top 10 Quirky Local Festival´ by Time.com, Cheung Chau Bun Festival welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year. Originally held to commemorate the end of a devastating plague 100 years ago, traditional celebrations include a floating colors parade, ´lucky´ bun baking and bun-gathering competitions.

Hong Kong

Buddha's Birthday

May 3 2017

For the birthday of the Buddha - Siddhartha Gautama - devotees flock to temples across Hong Kong to bathe statues of him using water, an act that pays homage to the legend of nine dragons that once bathed the newborn Buddha by spraying water. The grandest ceremony is found at Po Lin Monastery, home of the Big Buddha.

Hong Kong

Dragon Boat Festival

May 30 2017

Hosted at Hong Kong´s spectacular Victoria Harbour, the annual Dragon Boat Festival gathers local teams to race against each other in their fiercely decorated dragon boats. Spectators can expect pounding drums and roaring crowds, alongside cold beers and live music on site.

Hong Kong

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

September 26-28 2015 | 2016

In an effort to end a plague which ravished the village of Tai Hang in the 19th century, locals performed a fire dragon dance, which miraculously did the job. To this day, the ritual is still performed - but now on a much grander scale. The dance now sees some 300 performers, 72,000 incense sticks and a 220-foot dragon.

Hong Kong

Mid-Autumn Festival

September 28 2015 | September 15 2016

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a chance for Hong Kong to boast its rich traditional Chinese heritage. Those visiting at this time will be able to sample the famous ´moon cakes´ (originating from the Yuan dynasty), witness fiery dragon parades and explore a spectacular lantern exhibition at Victoria Park.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival

October 22-November 30 2015

Featuring the finest wines from around the world, exquisite international and local cuisine, and top live entertainment, the HK Wine and Dine Festival is a must-do for all foodies. The 2013 event, held at the New Central Harbourfront, welcomed over 140,000 visitors.

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