Some travelers just need to follow their palate. Explorers braved pirates for Indian spices and British spies stole tea from East China; much of world history comes down to a trade in tastes. Be it a Michelin-star restaurant or a crowded street stall, there is a morsel of history in every bite of Asian cuisine.

The diversity of dishes in Asia – red bean dumplings, a warming bowl of pho, sizzling shabu shabu, delicate sushi, spicy green papaya salad – is mind boggling in both scope and scale. Thailand combines the vibrant zing of indigenous cuisine with modern twists that smash heady aromatics against deep savory notes. To even speak of Chinese cuisine is difficult: Xinjiang, Sichuan, Cantonese, Jiangnan, and across the straits is Taiwan, which boasts its own unique, savory style.

For the foodie who prefers modern dining, Asia has been rising as a culinary power for decades. Award-winning executive chef Kunio Tokuoka leads Japan’s Kitcho, known around the world for its traditional kaiseki; there diners can find an experience that fuses the future of dining with centuries of history. Every city has a dish, and every venue has a style. Asia takes food seriously.

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