The culture of Asia is more than just alive; it’s singing, sewing, hunting, and dancing throughout the hemisphere. It’s in the stretching neck rings of the Kayan women of Loikaw, in the facial tattoos of Myanmar’s Chin, in the smiles of the Luang Namtha of Laos.

The tribal culture of Asia is a vast repository of cities, shrines, and temples that document the heritage and tradition of the region. The ancient tribes of these forgotten areas still live much the same way they have for hundreds or even thousands of years, including the Akha Hill Tribe of Northern Laos, the indigenous Kazakhs in Mongolia, and the colorful Huli of Papua New Guinea.

A tribal belt runs from India down through Southeast Asia, continuing through the island nations of Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines – all the way to Papua New Guinea. This area is brimming with unique, exotic tribes that show us a different world, a simpler life. They are precious examples of the breadth and depth of the human race.

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