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Stargazing in Paradise: Overwater Observatory Opens in the Maldives
Into Ijen: Acid Lake, Poison Air

The Great Monkey Temple Feast of Lopburi

Just a short train ride away from Bangkok, there is a temple run by monkeys. Every year, the locals of and travelers to Lopburi put on a feast for the cheeky macaques of Prasat Sam Yot.

The Adorable Wildlife of the Philippines Above and Below the Water

Take a break from the beach and check out these five cute critters found everywhere from Bohol to Palawan.

Gangotri Glacier: The Feeder of the Ganges

Writer, photographer, and mountaineer Jeff Fuchs journeys to the Gangotri Glacier in India's Uttarakhand for an adventure through the icy lands that gave birth to the Ganges.

Lombok for the Beach Lover

Famed for Mount Rinjani and its inland volcanic wonders, Lombok has unique beach and waterfront experiences that rival anything visitors are likely to find in neighboring Bali.