If you want to travel fast, it’s said, go alone, but if you want to travel far, go together. Whether it’s a honeymoon for newlyweds in India’s wilderness, a couple discovering their Singapore dream before responsibility sets in, empty nesters reconnecting in Vietnam, or just a whirlwind romance all over Southeast Asia, Remote Lands knows how to find the most romantic holiday getaways.

New lovers can unwind beneath the starry skies of the Maldives or slip into silky sheets in Shanghai. Couples can unwind before their big day at the most exclusive and decadent locales in Oman for their “earlymoon.” For the lovers that need to reinvigorate their bond before the baby comes, there are onsens and spas from Tokyo to Kyoto to create memories that will last generations. For every romantic expedition in Asia, Remote Lands has a plan.

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