In the 16th century, Taiwan was christened Ilha Formosa, the “beautiful island,” by Portuguese sailors, the first Westerners to encounter this lush gem situated about 100 miles off the coast of mainland China, roughly half way between Shanghai and Hong Kong. Subsequently it was ruled by the Spanish, the Dutch, China’s Qing Dynasty, and the Japanese before their defeat in World War II.

Today, Taiwan’s small size belies its economic strength; this island of about 23 million people is one of the world’s financial powerhouses, home to some of the most popular brands of electronics, vehicles and other consumer products.  Its political status, though, remains murky – there is ongoing debate in the United Nations as to whether Taiwan should be recognized as an independent republic or a territory of the People’s Republic of China. The U.S. is a main ally, along with Israel and 22 other nations (plus the Vatican) who view it as independent.

A tropical and largely mountainous island, Taiwan offers terrific activities for outdoors enthusiasts, especially in dramatically beautiful national parks like Taroko.

Taiwan Regions

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When to Go
When to Go

Weather in Taiwan

Autumn, from September to November, is the best time to visit Taiwan, while Spring, April to June, is also a great time to visit.

  • Despite the island’s relatively small size, the fact that Taiwan is bisected by the Tropic of Cancer means weather conditions can vary considerably from the north to the south. There’s a subtropical climate with moderate temperatures in the north, where rain is common in the winter months. The southern areas, where temperatures are higher on average, are less prone to rain.
  • Summer can be uncomfortably hot across the island, making autumn and spring great times to come for a visit. The typhoon season usually comes into effect in late summer and is felt most forcefully on the east coast, although in some years the phenomenon is far more active than in others.
  • The most pleasant time of the year to visit is mid-September through November, especially in Taipei and the mountains. The southwest is usually very pleasant from October until March.

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