Thousands gather every year at Wat Bang Phra temple to recharge the magic in their tattoos. In North China’s Cuandixia, everyone has the surname Han. Sixteen tribes in Nagaland have chilli eating competitions in the festival of festivals. In Asia, the past is carved into the present.

At Angkor Wat, the heritage of Cambodia is in the ancient city, but it’s also in the girls practicing the Sacred Dancers of Angkor. In Indonesia it can be found in the nomadic Orang Rimba as well as the coffee. This same diversity can be found in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam or the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Cultures in Asia have been forged by conflict and peace, by necessity and celebration, and by the landscape itself.

More than 240 properties and locations throughout Asia have been classified as World Heritage sites by UNESCO, recognized for their distinct and unique value to mankind. Getting up close and visiting the fascinating catalogue of historical landmarks and indigenous tribes of Asia changes lives and expands horizons.

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