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Up on the Roof


Secreted away in the far north of Laos, Phongsaly is home to a mosaic of minority cultures and some of the most spectacular scenery in Southeast Asia.

Ugly Beautiful


Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is the ancestral land of the Apatani tribe, a pagan society famous for shamanistic traditions and the crude facial decorations of its female elders.

Wild Wild West


Nestled near the border with Myanmar, Sangkhlaburi offers fascinating cultural juxtapositions as well as some of Thailand’s impressive scenery

Getting Tribal in Papua New Guinea


The relatively untouched jungles and highlands of Papua New Guinea are a haven for wildlife and a diverse array of tribal cultures unlike anywhere else in the world.

Into the Aryan Valley with the Brokpa Dards


Found in the Aryan Valley, legend has it the Brokpa are the descendants of the armies of Alexander the Great, but their present is far more fascinating than their past.

Perang Pandan: Ritual Combat and Camaraderie in Bali

Ritual combat with a thorny leaf: Perang Pandan is a tradition dedicated to a Hindu god of war, a coming of age rite for young men, and a spectacle for photographers and lovers of Balinese culture.

India Unexplored: Tribal Experiences at Nagaland


For lovers of all things tribal in Nagaland, there is a certain celebration that blows away other tribal gatherings in Asia: the Hornbill Festival.

Japan Celebrates Ainu Culture with Upopoy Museum in 2020


The indigenous people of Hokkaido, the Ainu, are perhaps northern Japan’s greatest cultural legacy, and this will be in full display in the run up to the Summer Games 2020.

Bishnois: Rajasthan’s Ancient Environmentalists


“The two most important principles were prohibition of cutting of trees and protection of wildlife around us,” Khemkaran says. “And to this day the Bishnois adhere to them until death.”

Sabah and the Tribes of Malaysian Borneo


From the headhunting history of the Murut and the communal Rungus farms to the sea gypsy ways of the Bajau, Malaysian Borneo is awash in tribal cultures.

Shooting the Mentawai: The Spirit of a Sumatra Tribe

Anna Elisa Sida and Matteo Maimone travel to Sumatra for a unique look into the dwindling Mentawai tribe.

Tribal Tagbanua: The Guardians of Coron


Richard Collett travels to a beach with no name to visit with the Tagbanua tribe to shoot a courtship ritual, the people of the Tagbanua, and the pristine beaches of this forgotten tribal island.