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Java Script


Duncan Forgan’s interest is peaked as he discovers an activity at the height of fashion: scaling Indonesia’s mountains.

Sail of the Century


Tracing naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace’s long way home, Marco Ferrarese voyages from West Papua to the northern Moluccas, crossing the Halmahera Sea in a traditional wooden phinisi vessel.

Komodo: Beasts Above and Below


The Komodo dragon is surrounded in myth and mystery: a bacteria-laden mouth full of serrated teeth, 4 million year old species, and the world’s largest lizard weighing more than 150 pounds. 

Explore Bali this Summer


Joining a handful of other destinations, Bali is open this summer for international travel.

Meridian Adventure Plans 2021 Catamaran Adventures in Raja Ampat


Starting in 2021, Meridian Adventure plans to host an eastern fleet of 4 vessels exploring Coral Wonderland of Raja Ampat.

Four Seasons Launches Healing Village Spa at Bali’s Jimbaran Bay


Four Seasons in Bali is taking advantage of the planet’s newfound focus on wellness and wellbeing with the launch of the 21,500 square foot Healing Village Spa opening at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay.

Capella Ubud’s Mark Swinton on the Future of Travel in Bali


With flights set to resume on June 1 to a post-COVID Bali, Remote Lands speaks to Capella Ubud general manager Mark Swinton on the future of travel in Indonesia.

Mount Batur for the Best Sunrise in Bali


Sunrise signals a new day, something we all desperately need right now, and the active volcano of Mount Batur is the best sunrise in Bali.

West Sumatra: active volcanoes and vanishing species


A Great Wall, volcanoes, orangutans, and more in a Sumatra you never knew existed.

Diving with Mola Mola at Bali’s Crystal Bay


Bali’s Crystal Bay features a cleaning station for the gentle and mighty Mola Mola, also known as the ocean sunfish.

Perang Pandan: Ritual Combat and Camaraderie in Bali

Ritual combat with a thorny leaf: Perang Pandan is a tradition dedicated to a Hindu god of war, a coming of age rite for young men, and a spectacle for photographers and lovers of Balinese culture.

Volcano Sacrifice: Lens on the Yadnya Kasada

Before sunrise, devotees go to the slopes of Mount Bromo to pray and throw their sacrifices on the festival of Yadnya Kasada.