Around the World in Three Continents 2025

Japan · Philippines · Indonesia · Maldives · Oman · Venice · Morocco
Sep 7–27, 2025
21 Days, 20 Nights
Per Person
Aman Kyoto, Japan
Amanpulo, Philippines
Amanjiwo, Indonesia
Aman Venice, Italy
Amanjena, Morocco

Embark on an around-the-world adventure of dramatic contrast, from the palaces and temples of imperial Kyoto to the souks and medinas of imperial Marrakech. Our most diverse Aman Jet Expedition to date, this is the only current journey to traverse three continents – and incorporates cities, deserts, tropical islands, and ancient centers of civilization.

Your Private Jet

Our jet is a luxurious custom-outfitted Airbus ACJ 319, one of the finest ultra-long-range private aircraft available. 

Each traveler has a private suite, and there is spacious lounge ensuring ample room and an exceptionally comfortable in-flight experience, where you want to relax with a book or enjoy a cocktail with new friends.




Each journey accommodates only a small number of guests, while — in addition to special shared group experiences — all touring is private and includes a private car, driver and guide for each couple or solo traveler. 

So, while the expeditions involve a fun social group atmosphere, they retain the benefits of private travel. With this hybrid model, we describe the Aman Jet Expeditions as being designed for people who do not usually do group travel. 


Set in a secret garden at the heart of a 32-hectare forest, Aman Kyoto lies at the foot of Mount Hidari Daimonji, a stone’s throw from Kyoto’s golden Kinkaku-ji Temple and 16 other UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A tranquil Aman Spa offers onsen, while serene restaurants overlook this verdant world apart. Spacious and light-filled, the resort’s 26 latticed rooms pay contemporary homage to the traditional Japanese ryokan inn, each framing spectacular natural surroundings.


Set on its own private island in the Sulu Sea, Amanpulo is the quintessential tropical paradise. On arrival at this whisper-quiet retreat guests are greeted by cerulean skies and turquoise waters. Amanpulo offers an abundance of aquatic activities, including sailing, scuba diving and windsurfing, as well as beautiful stretches of deserted beach. On land, white sand beaches harbor deserted coves fringed by jungle and fit for exploration.


Silhouetted at sunrise against Mount Merapi's smoldering volcanic peak, UNESCO-listed Borobudur inspires artistic inclinations. Amanjiwo embraces this artistic and intellectual heartland, mirroring Borobudur's significance in its design. Crafted from blush-beige local paras Jogja limestone, the temple-like hideaway features soaring ceilings, colonnades, and a central domed stupa roof reminiscent of Borobudur itself.


Aman Venice

As sumptuous as the city itself, Aman Venice – set in a sixteenth-century palazzo on the Grand Canal – is home to museum-quality treasures including Tiepolo frescoes, gilded ceilings and centuries-old leather wall coverings. More home than hotel, Aman Venice offers the rare privilege of space in the center of the Floating City. High ceilings and spacious light-filled salons are joined by two mature outdoor private gardens. Moments of beauty are everywhere, from St Mark’s Basilica to chance encounters with a door embellishment or fresco.



Inspired by the rose-hued buildings of old Marrakech and its twelfth-century Menara Gardens, palatial Amanjena lies just outside the fabled Red City. Amid shady courtyards with petal-strewn fountains, traditional earth-toned pisé-de-terre walls give way to the central bassin that nourishes the gardens. Radiating from this ornamental irrigation pool are spacious stand-alone guest Pavilions, each with its own garden and gazebo and many with private pools.

Catherine Heald

Co-Founder and Ceo, Remote Lands

Many expeditions are personally hosted by Remote Lands Co-Founder and CEO, Catherine Heald. Catherine is an adventurer, an Asiaphile and a serial entrepreneur. She describes her greatest fear in life as mediocrity, and her second greatest as boredom — and the combination being the stimulus for Remote Lands. She has been named one of the world’s top travel specialists by Condé Nast Traveler every year for the past decade. 

Catherine Heald

Day 1–4


Kyoto Aman Kyoto

After being greeted at the airport and transferred privately to Aman Kyoto, enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure. In the evening, there is a cocktail reception and dinner, allowing you to meet your fellow travelers and toast the start of the Aman Jet Expedition. The following day, you are invited to a traditional zen meditation session led by a monk. The rest of the day is devoted to exploring Kyoto’s myriad historical treasures with your private car, driver, and guide. Suggested experiences include: the stunning Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji), Ryoan-ji Temple with its famous stone garden, Nijo Castle, and the evocative Philosopher's Walk. Visit a Japanese pottery specialist to see the curated selection of ceramics, both antique and contemporary.

The following day immerse yourself in traditional culture with a special Japanese tea ceremony. Then continue your exploration of historic Kyoto with visits to Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, the Monkey Park in Arashiyama, and Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine. In the evening, you can take a leisurely stroll through Gion, the historic district known for geisha and traditional teahouses. Alternatively, opt for a day trip to Nara, known for its historical sites, or a half-day trip to the Miho Museum designed by I.M. Pei, showcasing a remarkable art collection. In the evening, join your fellow guests for a special and traditional private geisha entertainment experience.

Day 4–7

Pamalican Island.jpg

Pamalican Island Amanpulo

Fly by private jet to Manila, where Amanpulo’s turboprop plane will transfer you to the Palawan archipelago. After checking in, explore Pamalican Island using a golf cart at your leisure or enjoy a complimentary 60-minute massage at Amanpulo’s Aman Spa. In the evening, join your fellow travelers for cocktails and dinner.

The following day, take advantage of your tropical private island paradise. There is a range of resort activities on offer (additional costs may apply) including scuba diving (Amanpulo is ideal for novices), fishing aboard the resort’s 25-foot game boat, sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing and more. Enjoy your time at this idyllic resort on your own terms. On the final night, gather on the beach for cocktails and dinner with your expedition group.

Day 7–10


Yogyakarta Amanjiwo

Upon arriving in Yogyakarta, Java, you will be privately transferred to Amanjiwo. We encourage you to stop at Prambanan Temple — a Unesco World Heritage complex of Hindu temples, dating back to the 9th century — along the way. Relax at Amanjiwo, and in the evening, enjoy cocktails and dinner with a special guest historian. The following day, explore Borobudur at your own pace with a private car, driver, and guide. Highlights include visiting Dagi Hill, which overlooks breathtaking Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist monument, which was abandoned for centuries. This Unesco site is a symbol of Java's rich history and Buddhist heritage.

The next day, embark on a gentle one-hour walk through the Javanese jungle, passing terraced rice farms and crystal-clear rivers. Your destination is the enigmatic Hindu temple of Selogriyo, perched on a foothill of Sumbing Mountain. You can also visit a local pottery village to try your hand at traditional pottery making or opt for a cooking class at Amanjiwo to delve deeper into local cuisine.

Day 10–13


Muravandhoo Island JOALI MALDIVES

Arrive in Malé, Maldives, by private jet and transfer to JOALI on Muravandhoo Island by private jet. Relax in tropical bliss at this ultra-luxe resort for the rest of afternoon and evening. The next day, enjoy the Maldives at leisure. JOALI’s world-class activities (additional costs may apply) include semi-submarine excursions, jet skiing and waterskiing, fishing, diving, parasailing, kite surfing, sailing, sunset cruises, destination dining and much more.

The following day embark on a private yacht excursion and dolphin quest. Board a private yacht and spend the afternoon cruising the sparkling blue waters of the Maldives, in search of the  local dolphins that frequently visit the area. Enjoy lunch aboard the yacht before returning to the resort.

Day 13–15


Muscat Jumeirah Muscat Bay

Upon arriving in Muscat, Oman, you have the evening free to relax at the Jumeirah Muscat Bay resort. Gather for cocktails and dinner at the resort's signature restaurant.

The following day, you have the option to explore Muscat with your private car, driver, and guide during the day (or alternatively, you can enjoy a leisurely day at the resort). Suggest experience include: 

Visiting the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in Muscat open to non-Muslim visitors. Explore the Bait Al Zubair Museum, which displays a private collection of Omani artifacts belonging to the Zubair family. Stopping briefly at the majestic Al Alam Palace, the official residence of Sultan Qaboos, flanked by the Portuguese forts Mirani & Jalali. Taking in the modern Royal Opera House, a symbol of Oman's appreciation for classical music. Strollingl along the Corniche Waterfront and enjoy the sea breeze as you admire the views of the Gulf of Oman and the Western Al Hajar mountains. Exploring the bustling Mutrah Souq, Muscat's largest market, where you can immerse yourself in the sights, smells, and sounds of Omani culture.

The next day, meet in the lobby for your private transfer to the airport for your flight from Muscat, Oman to Venice. Lunch will be served onboard during the flight.

Day 15–18


Venice Aman Venice

Arrive in Venice in the afternoon, transfer privately to Aman Venice by boat, and enjoy a leisurely evening in this famously beautiful city. Your exploration of Venice begins the next day, with your own private boat, captain and guide. Take in iconic attractions such as Piazza San Marco, Basilica San Marco, and the Doge’s Palace. Discover Venice's artisanal treasures, from Murano glass to carnival masks. A visit to Libreria Acqua Alta, a whimsical bookshop with books on gondolas and bathtubs, is a must.

The next day embark on a serene gondola ride along the Grand Canal, surrounded by centuries-old palazzos. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Rialto Market, where Venetians have sourced fresh produce since 1097. Visit acclaimed cultural institutions like the Academy Gallery Museum of Art and Guggenheim's Museum of Modern Art. Conclude your day with cocktails and dinner at Aman Venice with your fellow travelers.

Day 18–21


Marrakech Amanjena Marrakech

Arrive in exotic Marrakech after your final transfer aboard Remote Land’s private jet. Enjoy your after at leisure at Amanjena, before cocktails and dinner with a special guest historian. Begin the following day with a special shared group experience —  magical hot air balloon ride over Morocco's desert landscapes. Afterwards, tour the iconic sights of Marrakech including the ancient labyrinthine Medina, the 12th century Moorish Koutoubia Mosque, and the photogenic Jardin Majorelle.  

The Red City is, again, yours to explore on your final day. Discuss with your guide what you would like to see and do. Highly recommended are the opulent Bahia Palace, the architectural splendor of the Saadian Tombs, and the Musée de Marrakech — but do not miss the street theater of Djemaa El-Fna Square, which evokes Arabia at its most romantic. In the evening, come together one final time for farewell cocktails and dinner with your fellow travelers and toast to the end of your expedition. 

Enjoy the following morning at your leisure and take a private transfer to Marrakech Menara Airport when you are ready. 

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