So much in Asia depends on the calendar. In February in Beijing, more than 20 million people all set off fireworks to celebrate Chinese New Year. In Nagaland in India, tribes from all over the region meet to compete, dance, and celebrate. In Thailand, spectators look on as celebrants perform bizarre rituals at the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.   With an intimate and unique knowledge of Asian culture, Remote Lands knows the importance of experiencing culture the right way. Whether you want an up-close view of the Sing-Sing festival in the Asaro Valley of Papua New Guinea or a quiet walk through the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, Remote Lands can give travelers the best possible experience on their celebrations throughout Asia.
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Chin National Day

February 20th

Reinstated in 2013, Chin National Day represents renewed hope for the Chin People in Hakha. Once not permitted to celebrate their national holiday during military rule, the festival is back with a strong sense of pride. Fireworks, concerts, and parades make the ethnic holiday a celebration for all in attendance.

Location Mindat, Myanmar

Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival


Singing, dancing and overall merriment are in store for those attending the Ko Gyi Kyaw Spirit Festival in Pakhan. Lasting eight days, the annual festival celebrates the happy spirit Ko Gyi Kyaw in his hometown in the Mandalay region. Worshippers, visitors and locals alike join in the festivities and traditional displays.

Location Pakhan (Mandalay), Myanmar

Bawgyo Pagoda Festival


Visitors gain a rare insight into the mysterious Shan culture at the Bawgyo Pagoda Festival in the Thibaw Township. Observing ancient traditions, the culture is unique to the rest of the country. The famous pagoda is the pinnacle of the festival. Visitors enjoy traditional dances, performances, music and cuisine in the town’s park.

Location Thibaw (Shan State), Myanmar

Alaungdaw Khathapa Pagoda Festival


The Alaungdaw Khathapa Pagoda is in the grounds of a National Park in Sagaing and as such, visitors travel to see the temple and nearby caves on the day of the full moon but also to spend time in the park and see the elephants for which the park is famous. Pilgrims climb down into the ravine to pay homage at Shin Maha Kathapa’s tomb.

Location Alaungdaw Khathapa National Park, Myanmar

Moe Byae


An elaborate pagoda serves as the pinnacle of the largest Pagoda festival in a small town on the border of Shan and Kaya in Myanmar. Four days are filled with sprawling markets selling everything from candles, grilled whole pigs and illegal motorbikes. Visitors also enjoy cultural dance performances.

Location Shan State, Myanmar

Maha Muni Pagoda Festival


Visitors and locals sink their teeth into different sticky rice delicacies with various toppings at the Maha Muni Pagoda Festival in Mandalay. Lasting two days, the festival celebrates the revered Maha Muni Buddha Image covered in thick gold. Bonfires decorate the festival grounds during the cold month of February.

Location Mandalay, Myanmar

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