So much in Asia depends on the calendar. In February in Beijing, more than 20 million people all set off fireworks to celebrate Chinese New Year. In Nagaland in India, tribes from all over the region meet to compete, dance, and celebrate. In Thailand, spectators look on as celebrants perform bizarre rituals at the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.   With an intimate and unique knowledge of Asian culture, Remote Lands knows the importance of experiencing culture the right way. Whether you want an up-close view of the Sing-Sing festival in the Asaro Valley of Papua New Guinea or a quiet walk through the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, Remote Lands can give travelers the best possible experience on their celebrations throughout Asia.
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This festival is a celebration of the Hindu god Krishna’s birthday, celebrated throughout Nepal around the end of summer. It involves dramatic enactments of the life of Krishna, as well as fasting, devotional songs, dance, readings of religious scripture, and the exchange of gifts.

Location Countrywide, Nepal



Celebrated by the Khas women of Nepal to promote the wellness of their husbands, Teej is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Parvati. This three-day festival involves fasting and feasts. Both married and unmarried women participate, the latter group in hopes of being blessed with a good husband in the future.

Location Countrywide, Nepal

Indra Jatra


The celebration of god Indra’s day is marked by masked dances of deities and demons, among other religious imagery to honor the god. The festivities take place at Kathmandu Durbar Square, and together with the Kumari Jatra festival, which celebrates the goddess Kumari, go on for eight days.

Location Kathmandu, Nepal



This 15-day-long Fall festival is Nepal’s longest and most auspicious, worshipping the goddess mother in all of her manifestations. Taking place throughout Nepal, there’s a strong emphasis on family and community gatherings during the event, and on honorable principles of truth, justice and virtue.

Location Countrywide, Nepal

Durga Puja


This annual six-day Hindu festival celebrates the Hindu goddess Durga, marking the victory of the goddess over an evil buffalo demon, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. The important religious event includes worship of nature, as well as the display of idols and imagery to commemorate the goddess.

Location Countrywide, Nepal

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