In luxury and comfort, in convenience and decadence, in extravagance and abundance – Remote Lands makes it happen. The Ultra-Luxe mentality is at the core of the Remote Lands brand, using our expertise, connections, and know-how to curate a unique, unforgettable holiday experience.

Whether it’s breakfast at Everest or hopping from nation to nation in a private jet, we take you where you want to go. From the visa and transport to the cuisine and resort, we provide our guests with the very finest their destinations have to offer.

Remote Lands can help families find that perfect private yacht getaway in Southeast Asia or plan a multi-country adventure throughout Asia tailor-made to their own unique tastes. With our help, travelers can see more, dig deeper, and live and travel better than they ever thought possible.

Aman Jet Expeditions

Remote Lands Co-Founder & CEO Catherine describes our most Ultra‍-‍Luxe experiences: Aman Jet Expeditions.

Ultra-Luxe Travelogues

An Asia-focused magazine brought to you by Remote Lands - a platform for adventure, luxury, and authenticity from experts and explorers around the continent.

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