Announcing the Aman Japan Culinary Journey

4 June 2021

Remote Lands is proud to announce the ultimate foodie experience through the Land of the Rising Sun: The Aman Japan Culinary Journey.

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15 - 24 MAY 2022
Remote Lands is proud to announce the ultimate foodie experience through the Land of the Rising Sun: The Aman Japan Culinary Journey. Take helicopters and bullet trains to the three Aman properties on this 9-night adventure from Tokyo to Kyoto, beginning on May 15, 2022. Featuring the most exclusive dining and libations experiences from sushi with master chefs to Yamazaki whisky tastings, this once-in-a-lifetime journey is hosted by Remote Lands Co-Founder and CEO Catherine Heald.
  • Stay at Aman Tokyo, Amanemu, and Aman Kyoto in one journey. 
  • Limited to just 16 guests.
  • Travel by bullet train and helicopter.
  • Unique private dining experiences, including an exceptional private geisha dinner.
  • Deep insight into Japan’s culinary world with experts and special guests.
  • Special access to markets, vineyards, distilleries and breweries, including the off-limits areas of Toyosu Fish Market with a top sushi chef.
READ MORE   STAY AT THREE AMANS: AMAN TOKYO - AMANEMU - AMAN KYOTO   A JOURNEY ACROSS JAPAN TOKYO - SHIMA - KYOTO TOKYO Marvel at the ultra-modern city of Tokyo from the urban sanctuary of Aman Tokyo atop the shimmering Otemachi Tower. While experiencing the finest dining and going on adventures from sumo lessons to a Goma fire ceremony, you will also visit the famous Toyosu Fish Market with a top chef, learn to make soba noodles, and indulge in Japan's favorite distilled beverage, shochu, at a small izakaya. Then, travel to Yamanashi’s famed vineyards for wine tastings and a delectable lunch in the Okuchichibu Mountains with views of the iconic Mount Fuji. SHIMA Take a high-speed Shinkansen bullet train to the Shima Peninsula, home to Japan’s most sacred Shinto shrines and the Ise-Shima National Park, where you will stay at Amanemu on the clifftop above Ago Bay. Embrace the ancient Japanese relaxation and detoxification tradition of onsen, or hot springs bathing, to cleanse your mind, body and soul in magical mineral-rich volcanic waters. Dine on world-renowned Wagyu beef and experience an exquisite 12-course kaiseki dinner where each course is a work of art. Explore the venerable Ise Jingu Grand Shrine and Mikimoto Pearl Island, whose eponymous owner first created cultured pearls using ama free-divers, who descended into the cold waters of Ise Shima for pearl oysters and fresh seafood. KYOTO Take a helicopter to Osaka for a street food lunch tour to sample a variety of Japanese quotidian dishes. Taste some of the world's finest whisky at the famed Suntory Yamazaki Whisky Distillery on your way into Kyoto and arrive at Aman Kyoto, set in a secret garden at the heart of a 32-hectare forest in one of Japan's ancient capitals. Enjoy a full day of private touring with your own car, driver and guide and explore the breathtaking temples, gardens, castles and shrines of Kyoto — from the Golden Pavilion and Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine to Nijo Castle and the Philosopher’s Walk. Experience zen meditation and a wagashi sweets making lesson before a sake tasting at Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery and an exclusive Geisha dinner.  


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