China's Wild West & Silk Road - Remote Lands Newsletter January 2015

6 January 2015
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Remote Lands Newsletter January 2015
Western China offers intrepid travellers an entirely different face of this huge and diverse country - a region where mosques outnumber pagodas, where camels are a more common sight than horses, and where bread is preferred to noodles or rice. Silk Road heritage, spectacular scenery and myriad adventure activities make Western China one of the country's most truly fascinating destinations, and in our first newsletter of 2015 we've picked some of its most unforgettable experiences - including the deserts of Dunhuang, the colourful cliffs of Zhangye Danxia, and the historic city of Kashgar. It's China, but not as most of us know it!
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China's Silk Road
This 10-day cultural adventure is the perfect way to discover China's historic Silk Road region. After a soft landing in Shanghai, you'll fly to Xian to see the famous Terracotta Warriors, before hitting the Silk Road highlights of Dunhuang with its astonishing Buddhist caves, Urumqi's world-class Silk Road Museum, Turpan's ancient cities besieged by Ghengkis Khan, and Kashgar with its legendary 2000 year old livestock market. You'll see historic mosques, bustling bazaars and stunning scenery, as well as enjoying camel rides, sand tobogganing, delicious lamb kebabs and naan bread and a night in a traditional nomadic yurt.

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Colours of Northwest China
Not all of the world's most spectacular natural wonders are well-known - Northwest China's stunning Zhangye Danxia region, with its extraordinary multi-coloured cliffs and mountains, is one of Asia's best kept secrets! This 5-day trip will take you to the heart of this amazing region, as well as to China's largest reclining Buddha, and the start of the Great Wall at Jiayuguan. 
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Silk Road Whirlwind: Urumqi to Turpan
Take in the contrasting scenery of the Silk Road region with this exciting 6-day itinerary. You'll begin in historic Urumqi, which boasts epic mountain scenery and the crystal clear (and aptly named) Heaven Lake, before moving onto the desert landscapes of Turpan, where you'll visit historic sites, Buddha caves, and the Flaming Mountains. Boat trips, horse riding and even traditional bread-making are also on the agenda.
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People at the Crossroads: Highlights of Kashgar
The ancient city of Kashgar is one of Western China's most fascinating destinations. Home to the Uyghur people, it's a bustling city of mosques, mausoleums and bazaars where a lifestyle of trading, socialising and eating goes on as it has for centuries. In this blog post, our co-founder and COO Jay Tindall pays a visit to the exotic city and its various sights, including Id Kah mosque, Karakul Lake and the massive Yekshenbaa bazaar which dates back to 200BC and is stocked with all manner of colorful spices, foods and livestock.
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