Surprising Siberia - Remote Lands Newsletter March 2015

10 March 2015
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Remote Lands Newsletter March 2015
Few names evoke such sensations of remoteness as Siberia, and now this huge, barely known region has joined the Remote Lands portfolio of destinations! Over 5 million square miles of forests, tundra, mountains, lakes and historic cities, much of it rarely if ever visited by foreign travellers, awaits you. In this newsletter we introduce Siberia with three exciting new itineraries, including our 15-day Classic Siberia (featuring a trip on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway), a cruise on Lake Baikal, and a helicopter tour of the volcanic Kamchatka region. We've also written a blog post looking at five of Siberia's most awe-inspiring natural wonders.
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Classic Siberia This extraordinary 15-day itinerary shows you the best of what Siberia has to offer. You’ll make your way across the vast region of Russia, scaling mountains, crossing lakes, sleeping on trains and camping for the night in the wilderness. The adventure truly begins in Irkutsk, a base from which you’ll explore the stunning Lake Baikal, the largest of its type in the world, before taking the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway route to Novosibirsk. The second week is dedicated to journeying across the Altai Mountains, as well as the Karakol Valley, where you’ll bed down for the night in traditional yurts. The final leg of the trip loops around to the picturesque Chulyshman River before eventually ending back in Novosibirsk.  a0fd835a-1cbf-4c64-8683-f3feeb8b599a.jpg dotted1.jpg  
Lake Baikal: Cruising the Blue Heart of Siberia The world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake, Baikal is a destination packed with jaw-dropping scenery, ancient mysteries and natural wonders. Embark aboard the ship Imperia for an eight-day tour of Baikal’s treasures, in floating comfort. Explore the mainland bays and sacred islands on this memorable adventure. From the sand dunes and curved cliffs of Akademicheskaya Bay, the soaring peaks at Sosnovka and the view from Observation Rock to Russian baths and healing waters of the area’s natural hot springs, there’s recreation and relaxation for all. The same goes on board, with four-star facilities including swimming pool, sauna and on-deck entertainment.
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The Kamchatka Skies: Where Ice Meets Fire This ten-day itinerary shows you the very best of what Russia’s incredible Kamchatka region has to offer. Take to the skies over jaw-dropping volcanoes towering 6,000 feet above sea-level, tackle mountains in 4x4s, hike around bubbling craters, journey along the Avacha Bay in a boat and go rafting on the Bystraya River - all in what promises to be ten memorable days of touring. Using Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky as a base, you’ll firstly have the option to take a helicopter tour over either the ‘Valley of Geysers and Uzon Caldera’ or to the large Lake Kurilskoye. Trips to Avachinsky Volcano and Mount Vachkazhets follow this, as well as a day spent rafting and fishing on the river at Bystraya. Then, scale the final volcano at either Mutnovsky or Gorely before rounding off the journey with a boat along Avacha Bay to Starichkov Island. 
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Asia's Unspoilt Wilderness: A Journey Through Mongolia & Siberia The Altai mountain range that divides Siberia and Mongolia remains one of the most undiscovered areas of Central Asia. This region is comprised of a complex mountain system that maintains an untouched appeal and is visited by few foreigners. Although very little is known about this region, it is famed for its petroglyphs that date back 5,000 years, hidden amongst its secluded peaks, with new finds constantly being uncovered. This journey is a great opportunity to gain unique cultural and historical perspective, with memorable overnight stays in traditional Kazakh-style felt gers and meetings with nomads.  
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BLOG - Remote Landscapes: Sights of Siberia In our first ever blog post dedicated to Siberia, we take a look at five of this amazing region's most impressive natural wonders, including Lake Baikal, the world's oldest & deepest freshwater lake; the remarkable Lena Pillars; the ancient and spiritual Tuva region; volcanic Kamchatka; and the remote, rarley-visited UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Putorana Plateau. 
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