Trinity Nguyen

Muscat Get-Away

Oman is an Arabic country in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, a historically strategic location - and not one that is commonly on the radar for many travelers. However, with increasing flight routes and its proximity to the UAE travel hub, travel to the peaceful coastal sultanate is easier than ever and worth a look....

Metal Machine Music: Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant

When Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to Robot Restaurant in 2013, the cabaret show began piquing the interests of foreign visitors. I needed to see this show during my first trip to Tokyo - and in fact I was lucky enough to see it twice! ...

Mumbai: The Old and The New

Being a large international hub, visitors who have been to India have most likely traversed through Mumbai, either staying for a couple of days or just a quick visit in between flights....

Trinity Nguyen

Born in Vietnam and raised in Hawaii's melting-pot of Asian culture, Trinity's background is the foundation for her enthusiasm for and knowledge of Asia travel. As Asia Travel Designer, she is responsible for designing bespoke itineraries and managing client accounts,