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Travel is something that remains exciting 365 days a year, with new experiences to be had and friends to be made no matter what the time or season. That being said, festivals and events tend to take things up a notch, elevating the travel experience to a whole new level, with vibrant, thrilling experiences at every turn. At Remote Lands, we have searched far and wide for the most fascinating, colorful, and enchanting festivals that will make your travel experience all the more memorable, and compiled them into a comprehensive directory. Discover an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary festivals, from the F1 races to jazz festivals, Indonesia’s silent new year, to the fun giant water fight that is Songkran. Remote tribal festivals in Myanmar and Papua New Guinea decorate our extensive list, alongside the iconic Kumbh Mela, the largest peaceful gathering in the world.

Let us open your eyes to a whole new world of festivals and events, a user-friendly way to discover when and where to plan your next trip, according to the highlights of Asia’s local calendars. Below, we present to you the largest, most detailed online collection of Asia’s festivals and events for travelers.



Kumbh Mela

February 2016 in Ujjain

Known as the largest peaceful gathering in the world, this mass Hindu pilgrimage involves worshippers bathing at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers. Taking place once every three years at four different locations, this event presents a unique opportunity to witness some of India’s oldest and most sacred rituals.

Hanami - Cherry Blossom Season

April-May yearly

Japan’s Cherry Blossom festival takes place throughout the country in the springtime, in conjunction with the blooming of the delicate and fragrant cherry blossoms, which lasts for about two weeks. Crowds from all over the country gather amongst the flowering trees, with parties going late into the night.

Dragon Boat Festival

May 30 2017

Hosted at Hong Kong´s spectacular Victoria Harbour, the annual Dragon Boat Festival gathers local teams to race against each other in their fiercely decorated dragon boats. Spectators can expect pounding drums and roaring crowds, alongside cold beers and live music on site.

Boun Bang Fai

May 6-10 2016

This two- or three-day festival takes place throughout the sixth lunar month. People make bamboo rockets and compete to fire them high into the sky; there are parties with drinking and dancing and the men dress as women. The ritual is supposed to invoke the wrath of the gods so they will send rain to water the crops.

Singapore F1 Grand Prix

September 29 - October 1 2017

The groundbreaking Singapore Grand Prix was the first ever night race in Formula One. The circuit stretches through downtown Singapore and around Marina Bay, meaning it's considered among the most spectacular and thrilling races on the F1 calendar. Live music also adds to the party atmosphere during the buildup to the September race.


April 13-16 annually

In April, Thailand comes to a standstill for Songkran Festival, the Thai New Year. Armed with water-guns, people take to the streets for a mass water fight. Water symbolizes the end of the dry season and also its ability to cleanse the soul, though don't expect to feel too 'cleansed' after three days of this all-out water party.

Goroka Festival

September 16-17 2017

The Goroka Festival is an important date for many in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. Stretching back over 50 years, this weekend show is a well-known gathering showcasing as many as 100 different tribes, all of whom sing, dance and parade in front of each other, as well as the many onlooking international guests.

Esala Perahera

July 29 - August 07 2017

One of Sri Lanka’s most spectacular and colorful festivals is Esala Perahera, a ten-day event in the central city of Kandy. Held to commemorate an ancient Buddhist tooth relic, this festival features processions through the streets, dancing, and music. It all ends with a peculiar ‘water cutting’ session (with swords) in the river.

Yanshuei Beehive Fireworks Festival

February 21-22 2017

Head south during Taiwan’s annual Lantern Festival and you’ll be sure see, hear and smell the Beehive Fireworks. Locals set off thousands of firecrackers at a time, creating a spectacular-but-deafening cacophony of sound and light - resembling the buzz of bees. Celebrations last two to three days around the year's first full moon.

Hornbill Festival

November 28 - December 8 2016

This 10-day annual festival in India’s northeastern region of Nagaland brings together a wide variety of local tribes, who perform their traditional dances and folk songs for all to see, while sporting traditional dress. Held at Naga Heritage Village, constructed for the event, there are also fun competitions, a large market, and more. 

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