Aman Japan Culinary Journey 2024

Tokyo · Shima · Kyoto
May 14–23, 2024
10 Days, 9 Nights
Per Person
Aman Tokyo, Japan
Amanemu, Japan
Aman Kyoto, Japan

The Aman Japan Culinary Journey is an in-depth journey of discovery of Japanese cuisine. Staying at all three Aman properties in Japan — Aman Tokyo, Amanemu, and Aman Kyoto — enjoy highly-exclusive dining experiences while traveling by helicopter and Japan’s iconic bullet train. This journey is a must for foodies.


The Aman Japan Culinary Journey eschews the private jet in favor of a quintessential Japanese experience – traveling aboard the iconic bullet train. At speeds of nearly 200mph, you will travel aboard the futuristic Shinkansen Nozomi #17 from Tokyo to Nagoya in Green class, which is the highest. Between Shima and Osaka, we will transfer you privately by helicopter.


The Aman Japan Culinary Journey operates on a hybrid model. A small-group journey of just 16 to 18 people, it features a number of special shared experiences, yet also includes private touring where each couple or solo traveler has their own car, driver and guide. This approach ensures that the expeditions involve a fun social group atmosphere, while retaining the advantages of private travel.

An urban sanctuary atop the shimmering Otemachi Tower, Aman Tokyo is a monument to the modern-day Japanese capital, a place where dynamism is tempered with serenity. History, commerce and culture fuse truly cosmopolitan yet intrinsically Japanese aesthetics, offering fascinating juxtapositions at every turn.

Amanemu, set in a national park on the serene shores of Ago Bay, embraces the ancient Japanese tradition of onsen mineral hot springs and the culinary heritage of this ancient region. Nearby the holy Shinto site of Ise Grand Shrine draws pilgrims from all over Japan, while guests can also visit the Unesco World Heritage designated Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trails.

Set in a secret garden at the heart of a 32-hectare forest, Aman Kyoto lies at the foot of Mount Hidari Daimonji, a stone’s throw from Kyoto’s golden Kinkaku-ji Temple and 16 other UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A tranquil Aman Spa offers onsen, while serene restaurants overlook this verdant world apart. Spacious and light-filled, the resort’s 26 latticed rooms pay contemporary homage to the traditional Japanese ryokan inn, each framing spectacular natural surroundings.

Day 1–5

Tokyo Aman Tokyo

Commence your journey in the inimitable Japanese capital, where we have arranged a hugely diverse schedule of culinary, cultural and traditional experiences for you. First up on the menu is a captivating exploration of Tokyo's culinary world. Join a top chef for a visit to Jogai Market, the outer market surrounding Tsukiji Market. Learn the art of sushi during a hands-on experience with a 5th generation sushi chef. Experience a millennium of time-honored tradition in a Japanese tea ceremony. In the evening, indulge in a whisky tasting experience guided by a local master, before enjoying dinner at a recommended local izakaya. 

The following day takes you to Asakusa & Nakamise Street, where you'll explore the iconic Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise Shopping Street. Participate in a soba noodle making class under the guidance of a professional soba chef. Join retired sumo wrestlers for a lighthearted lesson, where you can even try on a 'sumo suit.'

On day four, embark on a full-day excursion to explore picturesque Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko. Stop for lunch and tastings at Yamanashi Vineyards, Japan’s premier winegrowing region, and learn more about this burgeoning industry. Later, enjoy a fun night evening at a professional Japanese baseball game.

Day 5–7

Mie Amanemu

Travel from Tokyo to Nagoya aboard the iconic Shinkansen Nozomi bullet train before transferring to the forested garden sanctuary of Amanemu. Along the way, visit Ise Jingu Grand Shrine, a sacred shinto monument dedicated to solar goddess Amaterasu, and enjoy the Nagoya-style regional delicacy of hitsumabushi, barbecue freshwater eel, for lunch. In the evening, savor an ultra-traditional kaiseki dinner. 

The following day, embrace centuries of Japanese tradition at Amanemu’s vast 20,000-square-foot spa and onsen. Designed around a vast hot-spring bath fed by mineral-

rich waters of Ise-Shima, soak in the steaming onsen pools until totally rejuvenated. Later on, visit the famed Ama divers for an immersive lesson in their diving traditions while enjoying seafood fresh off the grill. Visit the scenic Yokoyama Observatory, offering panoramic views of Ise-Shima Natural Park and Ago Bay, before gathering for a special dinner of highly-prized ​​Matsusaka Wagyu, a well-marbled beef renowned for its high fat-to-meat ratio, originates from the Shima region.

Day 7–10

Kyoto Aman Kyoto

Arrive in the vibrant city of Osaka by helicopter and explore the highlights of this famous foodie city before transferring to Aman Kyoto. Wander the the neon-lit district of Dotonbori — sampling local favorites like okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and kitsune udon — with your expert guide, enjoy a highly curated street food tour, explore the centuries-old Kuromon Ichiba market, and take in the iconic Osaka Castle.

The following day, explore beautiful Kyoto with your private car, driver and guide. The Remote Lands team recommends three action-packed options: first-timers should consider the highlights of Kyoto, which includes the Golden Pavilion, the Philosopher's Walk, the Fushimi Sake District, and much more. Option is a day trip to charming Nara, where you can visit the famous Deer Park, explore the charismatic old town of Naramachi, and enjoy shopping for artisanal products on Ujibashi-dori. Alternatively, take a half-day trip to one of Asia’s finest museums, Miho Museum, designed by I.M. Pei. In the evening, gather for a special evening with fellow guests for traditional geisha entertainment.

The final full day includes interactive activities such as learning the art of making wagashi sweets, sake tasting, and zen meditation with a monk. Visit iconic sites like the Unesco-listed Tenryuj and Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. In the evening, join your fellow travelers for farewell cocktails and dinner.

Enjoy a leisurely morning at Aman Kyoto before a private transfer to Osaka airport when you’re ready.

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