Found in the misty highlands and settled by humans since the Stone Age, Goris is well-known as the historical heart of Armenia. Found just to the east of the small town of 25,000 in mostly stone two-storey buildings is the most famous site in Goris: The stone-pyramids of Old Kores (Goris). These picturesque natural monuments housed people in caves until the late 20th century and are today a must-see for travelers from Yerevan. Similarly, Tatev Monastery just outside of Yerevan is a stunning structure reached by aerial cable car providing unmatched views of the valley below.


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Tatev Monastery

This 9th-century Armenian Apostolic monastery is perched on the edge of a large basalt plateau overlooking the deep gorge of the Vorotan river. It is a popular monastery for its breathtaking views and beautiful architecture. To reach the monastery, visitors can take a cable car, the world’s longest reversible ropeway, which offers an impressive journey over the gorge and a chance to enjoy panoramic views of the landscape.


Also spelled Carahunge, this archaeological site is often referred to as the ‘Armenian Stonehenge.’ This megalithic structure consists of hundreds of vertically arranged two-meter tall stones. There are speculations over the purpose of the monument, from astronomical to burial and sanctuary, but opinions continue to differ.

Museum of Ancient History

This small local museum in the center of town houses an impressive collection of over 5,000 ethnographic and archaeological objects that tell the rich history of Goris from ancient times to modern day. The two highlights of the collection include a five-faced idol dating to the 2nd millennium BCE and a bronze lion from the 7th century BCE.

House-Museum of Axel Bakounts

This house-museum memorializes the life and works of famed Armenian writer Axel Bakounts. Bakounts lived in the house in the early 20th century; the simple house features a kitchen and bedroom, the room where he wrote.

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