Sepik Spirit

Intrepid travelers can explore the mysterious and beautiful Sepik River and discover the secrets of Northwestern Papua New Guinea with a stay on the Sepik Spirit, an idyllic floating lodge in the middle of the river’s waters. From here, guests can make excursions on nippy speedboats into the river’s tributaries to explore the region, visit spirit houses, villages and tribes, meet the locals and witness the ancient cultures and customs such as tribal dancing, music and discussions with local elders. After a long day of exploration with knowledgeable guides, guests can return to the Sepik Spirit for delicious, artfully-prepared meals in its beautiful dining room, to enjoy sunset on the upper deck, sip a cool drink in the bar or to relax in the lounge areas. Finally, when the day is done, comfortable, spacious cabins beckon for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Why We Love This Hotel

Location: This fixed floating lodge is located deep in the heart of the mystic Sepik River, near to its estuary at Broken Water Bay in the Bismarck Sea.

Service: This intimate little island of luxury accommodates only eighteen guests, allowing for attentive service from its staff and guides.

History: Recently refurbished and now in a permanent mooring, the Sepik Spirit is ideally located for guests to experience the rich culture of the surrounding area.

Sepik Region, Papua New Guinea
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  • Bar/pub
  • Restaurant
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