Cruising & Diving in Indonesia, Asia's Island Paradise - Remote Lands Newsletter July 2015

17 July 2015
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Remote Lands Newsletter July 2015
If you want a private sailing and diving holiday, where better than a country made up of over 17,000 islands? Indonesia, the world's biggest archipelago, is a country best experienced from the deck of a traditional private schooner, cocktail in hand. We've put together arguably the web's biggest selection of luxury private Indonesia sailing holidays, taking in well known islands such as Bali and Komodo, remote island groups such as Banda and Alor, and barely visited islands such as Wetara and Satonda. As well as staying on board some of Asia's most luxurious vessels, including Amanikan and the sumptuous new Amandira, you will have a world-class experience as well as begin and end your journeys in such lavish properties as Amankila or Como Shambhala.
Our expert teams in New York and Bangkok are waiting to help you plan your dream Indonesia cruise, so contact us now on [email protected] or call +1.646.415.8092 (US) or +66.2260.7584 (Asia), and we'll help you set sail for paradise.
Cruising Indonesia with Aman: Eight Days on the Equator Starting in the far eastern Indonesian coastal city of Sorong, this fascinating eight-day cruise takes you across arguably the country’s most spectacular region, Raja Ampat, made up of thousands of island and islets dotted around the equator. Along the way, there is ample opportunity to dive, snorkel or just swim, exploring the reefs and rich supply of sea life down below. After cruising to the popular diving spot at Mioskon, the journey makes its way on to Yanggefo (where you’ll be spending the night in the wildnerness), Aljuibay and the Kaweand - right on the equator. Take a dip in the famous azure-blue lagoons at Wayagfor, before mustering up the energy to scale the 5,000-foot Mt Pinditoto. The trip winds down near Yanggefoand - where you’ll spend another night under the stars - eventually reaching the final destination of Sorongfor, a great spot for manta spotting 
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Gili, Satonda, Komodo: Island Hopping in Indonesia Travel to paradise and see the best islands of Indonesia with this unforgettable 11-day cruise on your private schooner. Start the journey by boarding your private phinisi, an Indonesian style schooner, and sailing to the scenic island of Gili Trawangan, where you can suntan on smooth white sand and swim in cool turquoise water and dive in world-class waters. Next, head to Satonda Island, where you’ll hike to a massive crater lake and snorkel through gorgeous coral reefs by the shore. Continue to Komodo National Park, where you’ll get up close with the rare Komodo Dragon which lives only on three islands in the entire world. Afterwards, go back in time as you trek through the ancient village of Waikelo where you will experience traditional life and see unique peaked houses, ancient megalithic gravesites and locals dressed in Ikat clothes. End the trip in Baa, a fascinating city that blends Portuguese and Indonesian culture together.
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Cruising in Paradise: Remote Indonesian Islands Uncover the fascinating history of Indonesia with this amazing 10-day cruise. Leave from Ambon and set sail to the island of Buru, where you’ll tour the Benteng Wantrouw, a Dutch fortress built in the 17th century. Head to the river and enjoy a boat ride through the lush jungles of Buru and catch glimpses a variety of rare wildlife. From there, travel to the town of Sanana and explore a historic Portuguese fortress that still stands today. Continue on to Bacan Island, where you’ll dive or snorkel and see gorgeous coral reefs and tropical schools of fish. Finish the tour discovering more ancient forts on the island of Tidore and visit a nearby museum where priceless royal items are on display.
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Breathtaking Cruise from Maumere to Ambon Experience Indonesia like never before with this luxurious 14-day cruise. Start the journey off by sailing to the picturesque island of Kumba. Here, you’ll snorkel off its shores and discover an underwater world full of beautiful coral gardens. Continue to Wetar and relax in the soothing waters of local hot springs. Next, visit the remote volcanic islands of Teun, Serua and Nila and be captivated by the scenic landscape that surrounds you. Finish the trip in the Banda Archipelago, a region bursting with spectacular sea gardens, tropical beaches and rugged volcanic mountains. Here, you’ll visit the famous Spice Islands and learn about Indonesian history.
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