Stunning Siberia - Sometimes Warm, Sometimes Cold, Always Cool

25 February 2016
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Whatever images the thought of Siberia conjures up, it’s so much more than sprawling, barren, freezing tundra. Its vast reach covers more than five million square miles and the scenery varies wildly from endless steppes to dense taiga thickets to lush green forests packed with rare and beautiful flora and fauna. It has soaring mountains set with sparkling, icy lakes, pretty cities whose streets are lined with historic architecture and charming outlying towns surrounded by ancient temples.

Discover the adventures that lie within this motley of group of terrains. Hike and trek in the glorious Altai Mountains and raft the white waters of glacial rivers. Explore the islands and shores of Lake Baikal - the jewel of Siberia. One of the deepest and purest lakes in the world, its magical drawing force is not to be resisted. You can even take a private helicopter ride and experience these stunning landscapes from the air. Meanwhile, in an area far greater than the USA but with only one tenth of the population, meeting local Siberian people from many diverse ethnic groups and experiencing their indigenous cultures and colorful customs is all part of the journey, from the Buryat shamans to the throat singers of Tuva.

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Classic Siberia

Discover the best of what Siberia has to offer over 15 extraordinary days, from the historic city of Irkutsk with its wooden houses and churches and onwards across Russia’s vast expanse, scaling mountains, crossing lakes, sleeping on trains and camping in the wilderness. Discover the unfathomable size and depths of stunning Lake Baikal and the distinct cuisine of the locals, and take the scenic route by train along the Trans-Siberian Railway to Novosibirsk. Travel among the soaring peaks, rapid rivers and dramatic caves of the breathtaking Altai Mountains and plunge into the Karakol Valley for a leisurely trek among ancient, sacred sites. Experience the life of a nomad, bedding down for the night in a traditional yurt, and stroll the banks of the picturesque Chulyshman River.


Altai Road Trip: A Siberian Mountain Adventure

Venture off the beaten path on this eight-night adventure into the Siberian Altais, where the fascinating Mongolian and Turkic worlds collide. Raft the waters of the Katun and sleep in a cozy chalet on its banks. Soar above the dramatic mountain scenery by helicopter for a view of the glinting peak of Mount Belukha, and immerse yourself in it as you drive along some of the most beautiful roads in the world. Cruise along the Chuysky Tract and discover sacred burial mounds, marked with mysterious petroglyphs on the scenic road to Chibit. Hike, sail, fish and camp in the wildly -countryside before flying back to the big city for a fascinating sightseeing tour of Novosibirsk.


The Kamchatka Skies: Where Ice Meets Fire

Discover Russia’s incredible Kamchatka region over 10 days of wonder and adventure. From the mountainous city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, take to the skies and fly by helicopter over the ‘Valley of Geysers and Uzon Caldera’ - jaw-dropping volcanoes towering 6,000 feet above sea-level. Tackle the slopes of Avachinsky Volcano in a jeep, ultimately scaling to the summit and its bubbling crater on foot. Spend a day in nature, rafting and fishing on the river at Bystraya and, if you like, soak in the thermal hot springs at Dachnie. Set sail from Avacha Bay through the waters of the Pacific Ocean to Starichkov Island to immerse yourself in the local culture. Venture on this journey into one of Siberia’s most inaccessible regions and see what awaits you in the land of ice and fire.


The Putorana Plateau: Siberia's Empty Quarter

The indescribable beauty of this transpolar expanse simply has to be seen to be believed. From the world’s northernmost city, set forth on an incredible eight days to explore where man has barely scratched the surface and see with your own eyes spectacular natural beauties that have yet to be captured on film or camera. Travel to a plateau of flat-topped mountains that melt into the horizon; hike and fish on a secluded lake while plunging canyons, cut deeply by rivers, extend forever into the distance. Immerse yourself in extraordinary ecosystems with nights spent camping on the surreal, mirror-like shores of Lake Kutramakan and see the extreme contrasts between the rural landscapes of the plateau and the bustling city of Novosibirsk from above in your private helicopter.


From Siberia to the South Gobi: A Remote Adventure

Travel to some of the earth’s furthest reaches on this 16-day expedition to the South Gobi and Siberia. From the fascinating Soviet history embedded in Moscow’s famous squares and cathedrals to the shrines and monasteries of Irkutsk, go back in time as you travel through historic towns and stunning landscapes in classic luxury on the Circum Baikal and the Trans-Siberian railway to Mongolia. Spot rare bearded vultures in the Yol Valley and ride with the nomadic Mongols across the South Gobi on horseback. Camp in Ger-style tents and experience the food and culture of the locals before wending your way back to civilization via the museums and palaces of Ulaanbataar.



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