New York – January 8, 2008

Experience the Ultimate in Luxury Adventure Travel With Remote Lands

Customized Itineraries Filled with Exhilarating Journeys through Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia and India

(NEW YORK, NY, January 8, 2008) - Remote Lands, the world's foremost luxury travel designer focused exclusively on Asia, is offering extraordinary adventure travel opportunities for the most discerning travelers. The company’s variety of extreme sport experiences in various Asian countries include rock climbing in Vietnam, heli-skiing and snowboarding in Nepal, tow-in surfing in Indonesia, and yak skiing in India. Remote Lands’ bespoke adventure journeys begin at around $1,000 per person per day, depending on the destination plus international airfare. Amenities such as private jet charters, helicopters, VIP audiences, and personal staff including chefs, trainers, concierges and other professionals are additional.


Rock Climbing, Luxury Yachts on Vietnamese Islands

Vietnam’s Halong Bay, a long-favored site for picturesque yachting, is emerging as an ideal location for rock climbers with its majestic limestone peaks and cavernous alcoves. Providing a luxurious yet authentic experience, Remote Lands will arrange for guests to live on yachts and access climbing routes by traditional Vietnamese skiffs made of tightly woven bamboo. Comprised of 1,969 islands, many of which are hollow, Halong Bay offers climbers hundreds of exciting routes. These include bolted circuits beginning inside a cave to ascents made directly from participants’ Vietnamese watercrafts and ending near the thick jungle vegetation that tops every island. The day will begin and end with gourmet meals served on the yacht, and near sunset, clients will return to their floating home for cocktails and spa treatments to soothe aching muscles. Remote Lands can also arrange for more advanced climbers to create new routes and make first ascents.


Heli-Skiing and Snowboarding in the Himalayas

Replete with normally unreachable pistes, the Annapurna/Dhaulagiri and Everest regions in the Himalayas of Nepal are a haven for heli-skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Remote Lands organizes days of heli-skiing and boarding that incorporate four to six runs per day that take about an hour each, including transportation to the top of the run by helicopter and a 20-minute rest at the bottom. After the thrilling experience of carving through virgin snow, guests are transported back to a luxury ski lodge for a rest or an optional trip to a local monastery for an audience and blessing with the senior lama.


Tow-in Surfing in Sumatra

The gorgeous beaches of Sumatra in Indonesia provide an ideal setting for the extreme sport of tow-in surfing. Remote Lands will arrange for clients to experience the thrill of being towed into a breaking wave by a jet-ski or wave runner in the Mentawai Islands, a chain of about 70 islands off the western coast of Sumatra. Following an adrenaline-filled morning surfing the Islands’ numerous secret spots, guests then retreat to their private yacht with a personal staff of 13, including an on-site masseuse. The next morning, clients of Remote Lands can explore the Mentawai under the waves by going snorkeling or scuba diving and exploring the area’s thriving coral reefs. Remote Lands also offers tow-in surfing in The Maldives.


Yak Skiing in India

In the Indian hill resort of Manali, Remote Lands will arrange for clients to participate in the rare experience of yak skiing. After being transported by yak high into the picturesque Tibetan mountains, clients of Remote Lands will arrange for a personal chef to prepare a gourmet dinner in a private tent. The next morning, a guide will lead a herd of yaks up a mountain and attach the animals to a pulley at the top. Clients will fasten themselves to the other end and rattle a bucket of pony nuts at the bottom of the run, which will send the yak stampeding downhill and clients soaring up. Following an exciting morning at such stunning altitudes, Remote Lands will arrange for a memorable dinner in the home of a local Indian family during which guests will have the opportunity to learn about the family’s culture and daily life. Remote Lands’ luxury adventure itineraries also include such activities as rock climbing and para-gliding in Thailand, trekking in Bhutan, and deep sea diving in The Philippines.

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Remote Lands, Inc. is a midtown Manhattan-based provider of Asian luxury bespoke travel and private jet journeys with celebrity speakers. The company specializes in extraordinary experiences in magical, far-flung destinations and insider access to exceptional people and exclusive events. The venture capital-backed company was founded by seasoned business and travel entrepreneurs Catherine Heald and Jay Tindall, both of whom have lived, worked and traveled all over the world. Remote Lands actively promotes socially responsible tourism that strives to bring an understanding of other cultures and helps to preserve their way of life. Five percent of the company's profits go directly to local charities in developing countries. For more information please visit

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