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Remote Lands Launches Exclusive Journeys For The 2020 Summer Games

Remote Lands, the world’s leading luxury and intrepid Asia travel designer, is thrilled to announce the launch of their exclusive journeys for the 2020 Summer Games, taking place July 24 - August 9, 2020 in greater Tokyo and beyond. Remote Lands will be offering two different types of itineraries – one catered to private individual trips and one for small groups. Individual travelers will enjoy a six-night Tokyo experience with their choice of preferred sports during the opening, middle or closing week of the games. The two nine-night Remote Lands Exclusive Journeys are fixed-date group trips limited to 16 guests taking place in Kyoto and Tokyo, both tied to the opening and closing events of the summer games.

“We are proud to be launching these exclusive 2020 Summer Games itineraries to provide travelers with an unparalleled experience at this iconic event,” said Catherine Heald, CEO and Co-Founder of Remote Lands. “Travelers who book with Remote Lands will receive a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Japan where they will not only have a front-row seat to the exciting action and choice of 33 sports, but will also experience the culture, cuisine, beauty and charm of Tokyo and Kyoto.”

More information on Remote Lands Exclusive Journeys and private trips can be found below.

Exclusive Journeys

Remote Lands will offer two intimate group trips in conjunction with the 2020 Summer Games. The first one, called the 2020 Summer Games Opening Week journey, will take place from July 23 – August 1, starting in Tokyo for the beginning of the games. Travelers will spend six nights in the city for the games, kicking off the trip with a full-day of Tokyo touring including a trip to the Imperial Palace East Gardens, a visit to the Meiji Shrine, exploring the Asakusa and Akihabara neighborhoods, and a demonstration of traditional Japanese sumo wrestling, before attending the opening of the games that evening. For the next four days, travelers will receive admission to their choice of events including gymnastics, volleyball, swimming, diving, tennis, basketball and more, with medal competitions being held for many of these sports. In addition to the games themselves, visitors will also have daily optional experiences they can book including a private group sushi-making class, food tour and exploration of the old neighborhood of Yanaka, and a class on the art and history of Japanese swordsmanship.

On July 29, guests will transfer across the country to Kyoto on the famed Japanese “bullet train”, the Shinkansen, where they will spend the next three days touring Japan’s ancient capital including traditional Japanese culture, architecture, religion and stunning natural attractions. The Kyoto portion of the itinerary includes touring the beautiful Arashiyama and Higashiyama districts; visiting iconic attractions including the Bamboo Forest, Togetsukyo Bridge, famed Monkey Park, glittering Kinkaku-ji (known as the Golden Pavilion) and samurai-era Nijo castle; and exploring the centuries-old Gion neighborhood, home to most of Kyoto’s traditional teahouses and the geisha who entertain in them, including participating in a Japanese tea ceremony. Travelers will also tour some of Kyoto’s famous temples and spiritual shrines including the Tenryu-jo Temple, Kiyomizu-dera Temple and the sprawling Fushimi-Inari Taisha shrine, known for its iconic red torii gates, which honors the popular kami Inari, one of the principal “gods” of Japan’s indigenous religious system; learn about Buddhism and meeting the extraordinary deer of Nara, considered sacred messengers of the kami; and indulge in a private group traditional Japanese geisha dinner with traditional music and dance. Accommodations will be at a five-star property in the area pending hotel availability.

For the 2020 Summer Games Closing Week journeytaking place August 1-10, travelers will start in Kyoto for three nights, before moving on to Tokyo for the following six days, to experience the final days and competitions of the summer games. The touring and activities remain largely the same as those on the Opening Week journey, but the main difference is the sporting events that will be happening at that time. Guests will have a variety of sports to choose from including basketball, gymnastics and water polo, with medal competitions underway for wrestling, equestrian, boxing, karate and athletics, among others. During the August 8 day at leisure in Tokyo, guests will have the opportunity to purchase access to different events to watch more of the medal competitions as well as the men’s basketball finals featuring star player LeBron James. The final day in Tokyo will tour some of the city’s highlights before the closing night event that evening.

Hotel accommodations for both Exclusive Journeys will be at one of Tokyo’s five-star hotels, based on availability. Pricing start at $30,000 per person for nine nights/ten days, based on double occupancy.

Private Trips

Travelers who prefer to experience the games and touring on an individual basis can book one of three six-night/seven-day programs in Tokyo, which can be combined with other destinations to create longer journeys. Guests can choose from the 2020 Summer Games Week 1 (July 23-29), 2020 Summer Games Week 2 (July 29-August 4) or the 2020 Summer Games Week 3 (August 4-10). For each week-long experience, guests will receive a tailored itinerary with their preferred sporting event choices, a customized half-day of touring in Tokyo, as well as the option to extend to travel destinations beyond Tokyo. The main sports for week one include gymnastics, volleyball, basketball and tennis with medal competitions in swimming, diving and equestrian. Week two sports include archery, boxing, volleyball, tennis, wrestling and the Marathon race, with medal competitions in athletics, equestrian, diving and gymnastics, as well as the swimming final races. The third and final week will have exciting options including basketball, gymnastics and water polo, with medal competitions in wrestling, equestrian, boxing, beach volleyball and athletics, as well as the men’s basketball finals. Guests will stay in one of Tokyo’s luxury five-star hotels, based on availability. Pricing starts at $20,000 per person for six nights/seven days, based on double occupancy.

All journeys include accommodations in five-star luxury hotels with daily breakfast, choice of 33 sports to watch, choice of access level A, B or C, a personalized itinerary curated by Remote Lands, meet and greet service with welcome amenities, transfers between airport and hotel, on-site transportation and concierge service, and commemorative Tokyo summer games gifts. Journeys can also be supplemented with add-ons including VIP airport arrival, Tokyo touring and excursions, special cultural experiences, room upgrades, private vehicle transfer to the games and travel throughout Asia before and after the games.

To learn more about Remote Lands’ 2020 Summer Games itineraries as well as the complete list of sporting events and dates, visit their website or email [email protected].


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