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TSATAAN: The last reindeer tribe of Mongolia

Traveling to the Tsataan by motorcycle and by horseback through Mongolia’s wilderness.

Perang Pandan: Ritual Combat and Camaraderie in Bali

Ritual combat with a thorny leaf: Perang Pandan is a tradition dedicated to a Hindu god of war, a coming of age rite for young men, and a spectacle for photographers and lovers of Balinese culture.

Volcano Sacrifice: Lens on the Yadnya Kasada

Before sunrise, devotees go to the slopes of Mount Bromo to pray and throw their sacrifices on the festival of Yadnya Kasada.

Shooting the Mentawai: The Spirit of a Sumatra Tribe

Anna Elisa Sida and Matteo Maimone travel to Sumatra for a unique look into the dwindling Mentawai tribe.