Chamba Camp Thiksey

Ladakh, at an elevation of over 9,800 feet, is known for its icy lakes, glaciers, clear blue skies, picturesque valleys and historic monasteries festooned with colorful prayer flags. From the Chamba Camp, guests are well-placed to go on excursions to Thiksey, Hemis and Alchi monasteries, embark on hikes and treks, visit local homes, stage picnics or even play a game of polo. The area is rich in culture and history, with an Old City to explore and beautiful hamlets to visit. It’s also replete with natural beauty, known for its abundant birdlife and spectacular Tso-Moriri Lake. At Chamba Camp, guests will be treated to homestyle cooking by local chefs, and be regaled with tales from fellow guests or from travel experts while around the campfire. There’s a private butler on call 24/7 to cater to guests’ needs, whether they want to organize an intimate dinner for two or a day-trip to the Indus River. In their tents, guests are treated to five-star luxury, with spacious, beautifully-appointed living spaces, a private ensuite and indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Why We Love This Hotel

Location: This camp is located at the Thiksey Monastery in Ladakh, with stunning mountain and valley views.

History: Ladakh is known as the home of the Lamas, the 15th-century Thiksey monastery its stunning centerpiece.

Service: An indulgent 24-hour butler service is provided to each tent at Chamba Camp Thiksey.

Ladakh, India
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Tented Camp
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  • Garden
  • Restaurant

Luxury tents are outfitted with fine linens, colonial-style furnishings and a private ensuite. The feeling is old-world safari - guests have the comfort and privacy afforded by their own individual tent and the superlative service afforded by a 24-hour butler.  



Each spacious tent is individually designed and furnished luxuriously with local textiles and fine linens. Four-poster canopy beds feature down comforters and carved wooden headboards. Tents feature a mini bar, lounge area and writing desk, with outdoor deck for private use. Gorgeous brass fittings in the bathrooms and a hanging chandelier in the bedroom add a refined touch. 

Travelers are more than welcome to spend downtime just enjoying the luxury of their tents, but there’s plenty to do in Ladakh. There are rivers, mountains, wildlife reserves and historic monuments and buildings to explore, and Chamba Camp makes a great base.


Witness local archers show off their skills in an archery display using bows and arrows crafted from bamboo.

Bird watching

Spot migrating birds around the wetlands by the river, not far from Chamba Camp. An expert can accompany your tour, and if you set out early enough, you can enjoy breakfast by the water. 


In Ladakh, the sport of royals takes place at high altitude in an exciting match accompanied by music from traditional Ladakhi instruments.

River rafting

The ice-cold waters of the Indus River make for a great easy rafting trip. Traveling downriver, rafters are treated to some amazing scenery, including mountain ranges and monasteries. 


Surrounded by amazing trails, trekking in Ladakh is a must. You can choose from a moderate or challenging multi-day trek using Chamba Camp as a base.

Local dishes are prepared by the Chamba Camp’s skilled chefs, who can tailor meals to guests’ specifications or whip up a classic Western dish. Meals can be enjoyed in the communal dining room or in the tents. A picnic service is also offered. 

Dining tent

Dining tent

Enjoy gourmet meals in the company of fellow travelers, accompanied by fine wines and top-shelf liquors. Retreat after dinner to the fireside, where you can gaze at the stars.



Guests can ask their butler to organize a riverside picnic. A gourmet basket will be prepared and a picnic table set up in one of Ladakh’s most picturesque locations. 

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