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India Unexplored: Peace in Shimla

Most travelers go to Shimla to relax, and for that there is the Oberoi Wildflower Hall and a myriad spiritual treasures to be found.

Often snowy, filled with forest, and an ideal base for exploring northern India, Shimla is a destination for nature lovers who prefer the quiet – if done properly. Adventure travelers can avail themselves of the skiing opportunities from January to March.

In the warmer months, visitors can mountain bike the country trails or tackle Jakhu Hill for a view of the surrounding Himalayas and a temple to Hanuman, a Hindu monkey deity, one of the highest statues in the world.     

However, most travelers want to go to Shimla to relax. For a more peaceful time, visitors can ramble around for a look at Viceregal Lodge and Christ Church – complete with a mural designed by Rudyard Kipling’s father – or climb aboard the adorable Kalka-Shimla Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage site with panoramic views.     

 Many prefer to use the vantage of Shimla as a base for exploring the surrounding area’s Tibetan heritage.

Where to Stay

Oberoi Wildflower Hall.

As for where to stay, the answer is simple: Oberoi Wildflower Hall. This fascinating property rests atop the Himalayas at 8,250 feet and was once the estate of the British Lord Kitchener. With 87 suites and the reliable luxury of the Oberoi brand, travelers here have the best chance at finding the peace and quiet they are seeking in Shimla.      

Oberoi-style luxury and mountain views are the two best reasons to stay at Wildflower Hall, and visitors will find both of those things at the 882-square-foot Deluxe Suite. The plushest room to be had at Wildflower, however, is the inimitable Lord Kitchener Suite, perhaps the grandest room in the whole of northern India: spectacular views, an ornate fireplace, and 1,470 square feet of space.     

Oberoi Wildflower Hall is insulated from Shimla, and luckily the F&B scene will keep visitors sated with all-day fine dining at The Restaurant and whisky at Cavalry Bar.


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