Norden Camp

Surrounded by rising peaks that stretch out to the horizon, the Norden Camp is a hidden charm in the rustic Gansu Province of China. It lies an impressive 10,500 feet above sea level, set amidst an area of stunning natural beauty. The camp covers a vast area in which vivacious wildlife enveloped by abundant vegetation year round. Although, just 30 minutes from Labrang Airport, it is more convenient to access the camp by a four-hour drive from the Gansu capital of Lanzhou, easily reached via any major Chinese city. Untouched by outside development, visitors will instantly feel a connection with the distinctive Nomadic heritage in these picturesque surroundings, making an idyllic setting for exploring the local culture and opening up to the allure of outdoor beauty. Adding to this, there are two unique accommodation options within the camp, where guests can rest in luxurious comfort and style while sleeping under the stars. An authentic cuisine, based on local nomadic lifestyles and prepared using traditional recipes, completes the rustic ambiance here. Guests can enjoy a stay tailored to them, from relaxing in the sauna to riding on horseback across the plains.

Why We Love This Hotel

Location: Located in rural China, approximately 20 minutes from Labrang, the Norden Camp is set in an area of remarkable and pure natural beauty. Surrounded by effervescent wildlife and lush greenery, it’s a stunning destination to connect with unspoilt landscapes and local culture.

Service: Guests can enjoy a tranquil retreat in the comfort of stylish and authentic accommodation, while having every need catered for by a group of friendly staff, on hand to deal with any request.

History: After traveling the world, a Tibetan Nomad was inspired to share the beauty of this location along with its rich cultural heritage. He founded the Norden Camp to continue the nomadic values prevalent in this region, combined with ecological and cultural respect.

Xiahe, China
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Tented Camp
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