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Qatar: Adventures By Sand and Sea

5 days / 4 nights
Per Person Per Day
Amazing Landscapes

This 5-day journey explores Qatar’s natural wonders, from sand and sea and everything in between. Kayak the ancient mangrove forest, a unique ecosystem that thrives despite the high salinity and harsh climates. Take a private charter out to sea for fishing and ocean fun. Adventure through the desert on 4x4, ATVs, and camels, and listen to the sand dunes sing. Marvel at the Inland Sea, a wondrous and rare location in the world where desert sand and sea meet. At each of these destinations, you will also meet the local and migratory wildlife from land and sea including flamingos, ostriches, oryx, and racing camels. 

This itinerary is an example. It’s designed to inspire you and provide you with thoughtfully curated ideas. You can choose to do this exact itinerary or completely personalize it. All trips are 100% bespoke.


  • Mangroves: The white mangrove is one of only a few endemic plants that can survive Qatar’s harsh climates. Explore this unique ecosystem by kayak 
  • Arabian Gulf Sea: Cruise the Arabian gulf in style for a day out at sea. Swim, sunbathe, and enjoy the water sports on your private charter. These warm waters are home to tuna, groupers, sea bass, and snapper, making it ideal for recreational deep sea fishing. 
  • Singing Sand Dunes: There are only 30 singing sand dunes in the world and Qatar has one of them. These golden dunes are also perfect for sand-boarding, dune bashing, quad-biking, and camel riding. 


Day 1


Arrive in the capital city of Doha where a private car awaits to transport you to your hotel. Freshen up and unwind and your hotel’s spa and pool, or independently explore the city’s many mega-shopping and entertainment facilities. In the late afternoon as the day gets cooler, head to the pier to board a  dhow boat for a cruise along the bay.  These traditional wooden vessels were used for trade in the region and far away to Africa and Asia. On this evening’s cruise, sit back and take in Doha’s skyline as it transforms into a colorfully lit nighttime scene. 

Hotel Options
Why We Love This Hotel

Location: There is nothing quite like the private catamaran-accessible Banana Island Resort Doha in Qatar; with its golden strip of beach, spectacular views of the Arabian Sea, and a carefree environment, the resort is truly a special destination.

Variety: There are practically endless activities available for resort guests that range from high seas fishing excursions to late-night cinema screenings, ensuring that every day will be chock full of exciting, varied diversions.

Relaxation: Indulgent bathtubs complement every suite, the golden sands of the beach beckon, and an ample spa provides an array of treatments; in short, this resort is a haven for relaxation.

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Anantara Banana Island Preferred Hotel
Why We Love This Hotel

Dining Experiences: The expert in-house culinary team at the Four Seasons in Doha works to provide guests with one of the most diverse culinary experiences in the city. The chefs who lead the various fine dining options hail from all around the world.

Exquisite Design: Having undergone fresh renovations down to all restaurants and suites, the Four Seasons Doha deserves a nod as one of the finest offerings in the Four Seasons lineup.

An Urban Resort: The hotel’s layout – with the thriving business district on one side and a private beach on the other – makes it an oasis of leisure and hospitality in the capital city.

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Four Seasons Doha Preferred Hotel
Why We Love This Hotel

Marks of Distinction: The Ritz-Carlton Doha has several unique design touches and features that set it apart in the world of five-star luxury, including an ornate chandelier that is reputedly the largest of its kind in the Middle East.

Attention to Detail: Guests should expect to want for nothing during a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Doha. Available services for guests range from twice-daily housekeeping and 24-hour in-room dining to laundry and car-hire assistance.

Health and Wellness: The hotel’s in-house spa is among the finest in the city, with signature treatments that blend Arabic principles, Asian traditions, and European concepts.

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Ritz-Carlton Doha Preferred Hotel

Day 2


Travel an hour south of Doha across the desert to one of the country’s most beautiful natural wonders, Khor Al Adaid. Also known as the Inland Sea, this unique area where golden sand dunes meet clear sea water is an UNESCO-listed reserve. Arrive at an upscale camp where you can spend the day enjoying both in-water and sand dune activities.  Divide your day amongst dune bashing, quad-biking, camel riding, falconry, swimming and sunning in your private gazebo. There are only 30 singing sand dunes in the world and Qatar has one of them. Make sure to keep an ear out for the ‘singing’ coming from the sand dunes. This audible acoustic reverberation happens when the grains are disturbed or moved, and can occur during sand-boarding and other sand sports. 


Day 3


This morning you are headed for the white mangrove forest near the northern town of Al-Khor. Go off-road through sand and salt flats until you reach the beach where the mangrove forest begins. Then get into a kayak and explore this network of channels. These mangroves are one of a sturdy few plants that are endemic to Qatar and can survive its harsh climate. This particular type of mangrove species can endure the Persian Gulf’s high level of salinity. As you paddle, observe the natural wildlife that live in this ecosystem which includes migratory birds such as herons and flamingos, and numerous types of fish and crustaceans. Return to Doha this afternoon and take to the seas. Choose amongst a wide selection of boats, from recreation vessels to speedboats and luxurious yachts, and cruise into the Arabian Gulf for some fun in the sun. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, water sports, and fishing in the warm waters and sunny weather. Nearly 150 species of fish can be found off Qatar’s coastline, including snapper, grouper, and sea bass, which makes it an ideal destination for recreational fishing as well as diving. Dive sites include boat wrecks, sunken oil rigs, and man-made and natural reefs. Turtles, rays, different species of sharks, and tuna can all be found in these waters. 

Day 4


Start the day with a drive west toward Zekreet Peninsula. Along the way, see the East-West West-East art installation by Richard Serra. The artwork consists of four almost 40-feet tall steel plates, standing at intervals spread over a kilometer. Arrive at Zekreet Film City, an abandoned fishing village that was rebuilt to function as a film set. This replica of an antique Arabic village consists of traditional mud-brick houses with wooden doors, a mosque, and minarets. On the way back to Doha, make a detour to Al Reem Biosphere Reserve, home to wild species such as gazelles, ostriches, flamingos and oryx. With its dense vegetation, the landscape is remarkably different from the vast deserts that cover the majority of the country. Along with the surrounding terrestrial and marine areas, the reserve constitutes one of the Arabian Gulf’s most unique habitat complexes. In the late afternoon, get acquainted with the most famous desert animal, the camel, at Al-Shahaniya racing track. You are welcome to watch the camels practice in the arena and visit the nearby stables where you can admire the best groomed and some of the most expensive camels in the world. If visiting between November and February, take the exciting opportunity to watch a domestic or international tournament. Camel racing tournaments have become a Qatari hallmark, popular with camel racing enthusiasts and visitors alike. More than 6000 camels from Qatar and abroad congregate for the big sporting festivals. 


Day 5


Spend your morning at leisure. We recommend a walk along the waterfront promenade during the cooler morning hours. You can stop at a local eatery for a traditional breakfast or cup of tea with a view, as well as visit the beautiful Museum of Islamic Art which juts out on its own over the water. The adjacent park boasts one of the best panoramic views of the city. Come time, a private transfer will take you to Doha International airport for your flight onward. 

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