Catherine Heald

My Private Penguin Experience in the Desert in Dubai

I have recently petted the bellies of adult Bengal Tigers in Chiang Mai, bathed baby elephants in Chiang Rai and played with baby pandas in Chengdu. These were all incredible experiences, but I think my recent private penguin afternoon was the most incredible......

Spectacular Naadam Festivals in Mongolia

To truly appreciate this most famous of Mongolian traditions, I recommend that you seek out a rural Naadam as well as observe the well-known Ulaanbaatar Naadam of the Country, just as I did in my recent trip to Mongolia....

Ultra-Luxe Mongolia by Private Plane or Helicopter

One of the most remarkable things about flying privately through Mongolia is that the whole country becomes available to you, and roads, airports, and accommodations are no longer considerations of your visit. ...

Catherine Heald

Catherine Heald is the Co-Founder and CEO of Remote Lands, an ultra-luxe private tour operator based in New York and Bangkok. Catherine's love affair with Asia took off when she jetted to Hong Kong in 1987 and ended up staying for 7 years. She has been traveling to the continent ever since.