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5 Animals to Look for in Brunei

Brunei is one of Southeast Asia’s better-kept tourism secrets, steeped in a rich history and tropical beauty. The wildlife isn't easy to find, but it is more than worthy of the search.

Indonesia and Malaysia get all the press, but those traveling to the nation of Brunei, tucked into a corner of Borneo, will be pleased to learn that the country is covered in rainforest. Brunei’s must-see animals are not easy to find, but they are more than worthy of the search.

When it comes to tourism, Brunei is one of Southeast Asia’s better-kept secrets, steeped in a rich and fascinating history as well as tropical and natural beauty. The majestic mosques and pristine city centers draw most visitors, and the diversity of Brunei’s wildlife is, in many ways, an afterthought. Brunei’s tiny landscape is diverse, and the amazing animals of Borneo have made a quiet home in the “Abode of Peace.”

These animals are only a small sampling of the natural Bornean wonders that dot Brunei. There are macaques, sun bears, and perhaps even dugongs in the Bay of Brunei. The color-changing green crested lizard can be found in your local gardens. From the lowland swamps to the mountain forests, birdwatchers can find the black and yellow broadbill – a remarkable bird that covers its nests with lichen and spider webs. The magical wonders of Borneo may seem difficult to find in Brunei, but they’re never far away.

Brunei works hard to protect its endemic wildlife, and wildlife lovers need to be wary of how they interact with that delicate balance. The tiny, adorable, endangered slow loris can be found in the wilds of Borneo, but they’re also found in Brunei markets being sold as pets. As long as travelers educate themselves on the importance of non-interference and sustainable tourism, the wild wonders of Brunei will be around for a long time to come.