Mongolia in March

March to May is spring in Mongolia when it is cool, though sunny, with occasional rains.  It is a season of migration for the nation’s many nomadic herders, asthe harsh winter slowly gives way to lush grasses across the plains. In the capital Ulaanbaatar temperatures in April range between minus 6 and 10 °C (21-50 °F), though precipitation is close to zero. One of the nation’s more unusual events takes place in March: the Thousand Camel Festival is a one day event aiming to protect the Bactrian camels, which sees herdsmen parade on camels, join camel races and take part in polo playoffs. The bold can even try their attempt at camel rodeo.

Suggested Itineraries

Golden Eagle Festival & the Altai Mountains

It is said that Mongolia is the last true nomadic society left on the planet and what better way to immerse yourself in centuries-old pastoralist tradition than by attending the Golden Eagle Festival?

Interests Celebrations, Off The Grid
14 days / 13 nights
Price Per Person
From $19,900


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