Taiwan in June

June to August is hot and humid throughout Taiwan with thunderstorms and typhoons. Temperatures generally fall between 24 and 31 ºC (72-87ºF), with rainfall up to 100 mm per month in some areas, and the high humidity can make it uncomfortably sticky for some. When the typhoons are at their strongest you are advised to stay inside. Visiting the nation’s many temples is a great way to skip between showers and avoid the rain, with most not just static tourist attractions, as is often the case in mainland China, but active centers of culture and worship. The summer heat means many visitors often head to the cooler hills of Alishan for respite. The stormy weather draws surfers to catch waves at the hotspots of Jin Shan and Baishawan in the far north of the island.

Suggested Itineraries

Coastal Taiwanese Road Trip: Kaohsiung to Taipei

Taiwan is a beautiful, ecologically diverse island with miles of coastline to explore and a treasure trove of culturally interesting sites and monuments. On this seven-day itinerary that starts from Kaohsiung on the lower west side of the island and traces along a scenic coastal road heading north to Taipei, learn about this fascinating nation and how it came to be what it is today. Enjoy numerous stops at high oceanside cliffs, a visit to a local fishing village, and a full day spent touring the capital, Taipei, and its many museums, parks, and night markets.

Interest Amazing Landscapes
Destination Taiwan
7 days / 6 nights
Price Per Person
From $4,100

Taste of Taiwan: The Ultimate Foodie Adventure

Arrive hungry and remember to pack your taste buds. This ultimate foodie tour of Taiwan takes your tongue on a tantalizing journey to the island’s best culinary destinations.

Interests Cuisine, Post-covid Wellness
Destinations Taiwan, Taiwan
8 days / 7 nights
Price Per Person
From $6,500

Uncover Chinese Culture Through Expansive Artistic Venues

Immerse yourself in a stunning expanse of contemporary and historical artwork over this 10-day sojourn in China. From Beijing to Taipei, you will uncover modern artistic perceptions of one of society’s most ancient cultures.

Interest Art
Destinations China, Taiwan, Taiwan
10 days / 9 nights
Price Per Person
From $9,400


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