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We are very seasoned travellers and Remote Lands certainly delivered on our recent trip to Indochina.
Peter & Maria, London

Aqua Mekong

Why We Love This Boat :

Location: Intrepid explorers cansail through the forests and plains of Cambodia and Vietnam, from Saigon to Siem Reap, experiencing the stunning scenery of Southeast Asia.

Service: English speaking, highly trained and knowledgeable, the staff on the Aqua Mekong are on hand to enhance the experience for all guests.

History: Designed by acclaimed Vietnamese architects, this brand new cruiser combines five-star hotel luxury with the warmth and authenticity of locally-sourced materials.


The Aqua Mekong boasts a range of amenities to keep all guests happy. Those so inclined can bask in the Asian sunshine on the top deck with its plunge pool and bar; there’s a well-stocked library and screening space for avid book and movie lovers, not to mention a boutique and spa.


Keen shoppers will be delighted by the range of treasures on offer in the on-board souvenir shop. Sourced from local artisans, they are handcrafted and authentic and will make for wonderful gifts or mementos of a memorable adventure.


Bookworms will be delighted by the extensive range of reading materials including classic stories from the region, maps and historic and up-to-date periodicals, all available for perusal in the ship’s library, which also contains the Mekong’s only foosball table.


After a long day of exploring, guests may wish to take a refreshing dip in the palm-fringed plunge pool on the ship’s top deck; surrounded by comfortable loungers, and a rooftop cocktail bar within easy reach, it’s the perfect place to relax.  

Private Screenings

In the cozy screening room on the observation deck, movie-lovers can sit back and enjoy a classic film set in the region, from ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ to ‘The Quiet American’, there’s something for everyone.


Pleasure-seekers can relax and unwind in the Aqua Mekong’s spa with a range of traditional treatments are available, from Khmer massage to Vietnamese aromatherapy, all massages and facials are performed with natural, local concoctions.


The Aqua Mekong’s elegant dining room is decorated with fine Asian antiques, artifacts and glassware, with an entire wall of windows for sun-lit or star-it meals served throughout the day, prepared with local ingredients and know-how.

Aqua Mekong Dining Room

Under the tutelage of acclaimed executive chef David Thompson, the team on board the Aqua Mekong scour the riverside markets, often alongside the guests, to find the freshest seafood and produce to create the delicious, innovative dishes on the rotating menu.  




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