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Cambodia is Open! Plan Your Journey with Remote Lands Today

Angkor Wat, white sand beaches, the Mekong — travelers can plan a magical journey through one of the most iconic destinations in mainland Southeast Asia in Cambodia today.

Cambodia officially reopened to international travel earlier this month. Angkor Wat, white sand beaches, the Mekong — travelers can plan a magical journey through one of the most iconic destinations in mainland Southeast Asia with Remote Lands today. 


With pristine golden beaches and lush forests, Song Saa spans two islands: Koh Quen and Koh Bong, joined by a sustainably built footbridge. The stunning Overwater Villas of the ultra-luxe Song Saa Private Island are among the most plush accommodations in Cambodia and feature glass floors to spot the exotic marine life of the Southern Cambodia Islands below. Travelers to Song Saa can snorkel, kayak, scuba dive, or relax on the white sands of the Kingdom’s most exclusive island resort. 


Head into the Cardamom Mountains for a jungle holiday through the wilds of Cambodia’s western rainforest at the luxurious Shinta Mani Wild. This ambitious tented camp from eccentric architect Bill Bensley is a jungle adventure inspired by the 1960s safaris of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Situated on an 865-acre private nature sanctuary, guests at the Shinta Mani Wild can picnic at waterfalls, laze down the Srey Ambel Estuary on an expedition boat, or get into the thick of conservation work by trekking with a real anti-poaching patrol in the wildest part of Cambodia. 


Cruise the floating villages and unique culture of Southeast Asia’s largest lake on your way to Phnom Penh, a bustling modern city at the conjunction of the Tonle Sap and the Mekong. From the vantage of the opulent Rosewood Phnom Penh, visitors can explore the sights and flavors of the capital like never before. Here, travelers can learn about how French colonial influence and a tragic modern history has shaped Cambodia’s most important city. 

Wonder of the World

Undoubtedly Cambodia’s most famous landmark, Angkor Wat is an unbelievable wonder from the dawn of human civilization. While staying at luxury accommodations such as the Amansara or Shinta Mani Angkor, travelers can experience this wonder of Siem Reap like never before. Soar above the ancient monuments from a private helicopter and have a private dinner of gourmet Khmer cuisine on the grounds of a prominent Angkor temple accompanied by traditional Cambodian music, dance and theater performances.


The Khmer empire, colonial heritage, and booming economy of Cambodia includes a number of destinations. From charming coastal towns like Kampot and the relaxed mainland beaches of Kep to the bamboo train of Battambang and the former Khmer capital of Koh Ker, Cambodia is filled with hidden gems for every traveler. 

Aman Jet Expedition

Plan the ultimate Southeast Asia journey with an Aman Jet Expedition. Angkor Wat, Phuket, Luang Prabang, and the beaches of Vietnam — this nine-day small group journey aboard a private jet takes off on November 5, 2020, limited to just eight or nine couples. Explore the finest experiences in the region while staying in the comfort and style of Aman resorts. Contact Remote Lands today to book your seat on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure today.