This was our second trip with Remote Lands... On Java, our guide was excellent and we loved being the only people at Borobudur after the monument closed to the public.
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The Murghab District is spread across the majestic Pamir Mountains in the east of Tajikistan, and the capital and administrative center of this region is the town of Murghab. Nestled in the foothills of the mountains, Murghab, despite being dubbed as the "capital" of the region, remains vastly undeveloped, comprised of only a few hundred houses and with no public transportation or tourist attractions to boast, other than the stunning mountain range and surrounding desert that creates an impressive backdrop to the town.

Most of the popular activities around Murghab involve getting out of town, with several excellent hiking and off-road driving routes around the foothills of the Pamir Mountains and to nearby lakes. In town, expect the dining scene to be comprised of quaint local cafes and rundown restaurants only. As for where to stay, there are a few homestays that open their doors to passing travelers, as well as a few tired-looking guesthouses and hotels - although many passing through this spectacular region decide to camp down for the night either in tents or traditional yurts for a night under the stars.

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