The modest city of Khorog is located in the heart of a deep canyon, near the Tajik-Afghan border. Hidden amidst the rising Pamir Mountains, this region is also referred to as the "roof of the world" due to its high altitude, and Khorog itself is situated 6,561 feet above sea level. Sheltered by the surrounding mountains, the weather in the city remains largely pleasant year-round, with temperatures reaching a scorching 40 degrees celsius in summer.

The city is a picture-perfect haven with scenes unparalleled to anywhere else in the world. Untouched by modern tourism and commercialism, authentic traditions and Soviet-era factories thrive and the city is renowned for its abundant natural beauty. Hundreds of Poplar trees amongst a diversity of flora and fauna create a vivid-green canopy that lines the valley. It is the perfect destination for visitors to get in touch with raw and unspoilt natural beauty where there are many hidden charms to discover


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Khorog Park

Recently renovated, the Khorog park is a dedicated recreational area in the city. It is an area of spectacular stonework, encompassing local masonry and traditional resources. Featuring an open-air theatre and pond, the park is a stunning location, designed exclusively to capture the surrounding scenery, and where visitors can appreciate the natural and relaxing ambiance and enjoy the facilities of the teahouse and cafe.

Mineral Hot Springs of Garm Chashma

The Garm Chashma is a spectacular open-air hot-spring pool in Pamir, located 7,627 feet above sea-level. Over a few thousand years old, the waters of this spring are a vibrant turquoise blue, containing a number of natural minerals including iron, magnesium and aluminium. Having received the reputation as a ‘holy water’ spring, the bubbling waters are a rare gift of nature, said to have healing properties.

Mountain Trekking

The remote and secluded Pamir mountains are some of the least visited mountains in the world, yet provide some of the most naturally stunning scenes and picturesque rural landscapes. Some of the highest peaks in the world are found here, with many rising above 23,000 feet, making an exhilarating and challenging climb that is met with simply breathtaking views at the top.

Pamir Botanical Garden

The world’s third-highest botanical garden is elevated on one of Khorong’s nearby hillsides. The gardens showcase a huge selection of exquisite plants from around the world. Not only can guests savor the lush foliage within the garden, but they can also enjoy views over the town below.

Ruby Mines of Khu i Lal

A journey to the epic ruby mines of Khu i Lal is guaranteed to give visitors a sense of awe. They are quite literally a hidden gem of this region, said to have been discovered after a 7th century earthquake and remained a mystery to the outside world right up until the 20th century. It is rumoured that the Black Prince’s Ruby and the Timur Ruby originated here and today the mines are synonymous with the famous “Balas rubies”.

Vanj Valley

For surreal alpine views of snowcapped mountains and icy ridges, the Vanj Valley does not disappoint. It is the most northerly of the great valleys and is where the Fedchenko Glacier, the longest glacier in the world after the polar regions, is located. From the top of the valley, this frozen spectacle can be seen where it carves into the valley.

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