The Murghab District is spread across the majestic Pamir Mountains in the east of Tajikistan, and the capital and administrative center of this region is the town of Murghab. Nestled in the foothills of the mountains, Murghab, despite being dubbed as the "capital" of the region, remains vastly undeveloped, comprised of only a few hundred houses and with no public transportation or tourist attractions to boast, other than the stunning mountain range and surrounding desert that creates an impressive backdrop to the town.

Most of the popular activities around Murghab involve getting out of town, with several excellent hiking and off-road driving routes around the foothills of the Pamir Mountains and to nearby lakes. In town, expect the dining scene to be comprised of quaint local cafes and rundown restaurants only. As for where to stay, there are a few homestays that open their doors to passing travelers, as well as a few tired-looking guesthouses and hotels - although many passing through this spectacular region decide to camp down for the night either in tents or traditional yurts for a night under the stars.


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Ak-Baital Pass

The journey out of Murghab and over the Pamir Mountains ventures over the Ak-Baital Pass, which at over 15,000 feet, is the highest point in the former USSR. Also know as ‘White Horse Pass’, the views over the snowcapped mountain top are simply stunning, and the road that leads around (which can only be tackled in a 4X4) is just as impressive.

Camping in Yurts

Travelers to this part of the world will often, come nightfall, have trouble finding a place to stay for the night, and handy solution to this problem is to bed down for the night in a traditional Central Asian ‘yurt’. Tipi-like in design, the main frame is usually made from wood or metal, whilst a sheet of fabric - often leather or felt - is draped over offering a cosy shelter from the harsh weather outside.

Rangkul Lake

This vast expanse of water 40 miles away from Murghab makes a popular excursion from the town, and is situated in the middle of the stunning Rangkul Valley approximately 10,000 feet above sea level. The views all around are incredible, even more so when the water freezes over in the winter and the surrounding mountains are covered in snow. Popular activities here include bird-watching and camping.


For the fit, Gumbezkul in the stunning Pschart Valley is around 20 miles away, a trip that can also be partly completed in a 4X4 vehicle. This tiny settlement is popular with campers and also provides traditional yurts for makeshift accommodation. The route passes mountain ridges and loops back down to the main town of Murghab.

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