Located at the very south of the region of Macao, Coloane used to be separated from Taipa, until the Cotai Strip was built from reclaimed land in-between - connecting the two islands. This is the region's most peaceful and least developed area, home to scenic, mountainous terrain, and popular with hikers and outdoorsy visitors seeking an escape from the bustle. Originally a haven for pirates, its beaches and coves are now a pleasant getaway destination, and in Coloane village, pastel-colored houses line the narrow streets and alleys.


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Hac Sa and Cheoc Van beaches (Black Sand and Bamboo Bay respectively) hug Coloane's southern coast. Hac Sa is larger, but Cheoc Van is prettier - with clear waters and a curved public swimming pool next to the sand.

Coloane Village

This sleepy seaside village is the focal point of the island, and attracts visitors with its narrow lanes and quaint shops and houses. Along the main street, Avenida de Cinco de Outubro, the Chapel of St Francis can be found on a square lined with restaurants, around a monument dedicated to the fight against piracy.

Cultural Village

Coloane's cultural village comprises a number of temples and religious buildings of interest, and at the pinnacle of Alto de Coloane is a statue of A-ma, which stands at 65-feet high.

Hiking and mountain biking

The central terrain of the island is mountainous and hilly, with countless trails for hikers and mountain bikers of all abilities - a popular escape from the concrete jungle that lies further north in the region.

Lunch at Fernando's

A visit to this famous family-style Portuguese restaurant is a must for any food lovers. Here, only Portuguese wine is served, and the menu includes chorizo, feijoada, charcoal-grilled chicken, pork ribs, suckling pig, seafood and salads. The bread all comes from the restaurant's own bakery.

Seac Pai Van Park

A huge draw for weekend visitors, this large park sprawls over 20 hectares along Estrada Seac Pai Van. There is a medicinal garden, a mini zoo and a lake - and Macao's Museum of Nature and Agriculture is also accessible from the park.

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