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Daredevilry and Dining at Mocha Macao Tower Bungee Jump

Whether you jump on a full stomach or an empty one is up to you, but the Mocha Macao Tower's death-defying bungee feats pair well with suckling pig.

At 233 meters in the sky, the Macao peninsula, Taipa, Coloane, and the Pearl River Delta shrink to toy-like dimensions. It’s the King Kong view. The world’s highest bungee jump is one of four extreme height-related activities created by Tower Adventure on the 61st floor of the tallest building in Macao, a feature that has launched over 100,000 people into thin air since 2006.

“We do not force any […] jumpers to jump, but our experienced jump masters will convince [them] that it’s once-in-a-lifetime,’” says Steven KM Law with Tower Adventure. “Our slogan is, ‘Why live on the edge when you can jump off?’”

Mocha Macao Tower was the vision of businessman Dr. Stanley Ho Hung-sun who was inspired in the mid 1990’s by his visits to the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand. Today Macao tower is a magnet for both residents and tourists who visit for shopping, the 3-D movie theater, fine dining, and of course the incredible views.

For most zipping up the exterior of the building in a glass elevator directly to the observation lounge, picking up an espresso and snack from the cafe while taking in the 360 degree panorama of the Pearl River Peninsula is enough. For the braver, the Walk in the Sky allows visitors to stroll out over a reinforced glass floor high above the world. Some though want to walk on the even wilder side.

Perhaps an evening that begins with a 70-storey plunge from the side of the building and concludes with dining in the only revolving restaurant in the city is more your speed?

ABOVE: The bungee experience at Mocha Macao Tower.

The tower offers a collection of adventure experiences including the Skywalk which allows a free walk around the outside of the building along a 1.5 meter wide ledge. For those who want to get as high as possible there is a climb to the top of the buildings mast at 338 meters above the world. The bungee jump, as the highest in the world, is the ultimate attraction and challenge.

To make the bungee jump a reality, the father of danger sports, AJ Hackett, was brought in to design a specialized bungee cord and recovery system to keep jumpers safe from impact with the side of the tower.

Those that can muster the internal fortitude to make the leap free fall at 200 kilometers an hour before being slowed by guy wires and finally come to rest at 50 meters before being lowered to the ground. From the initial leap to feet back on terra firma takes only 17 seconds but it’s enough to make those queued for their own turn wrestle with second thoughts.

The Towers Sky Jump was engineered to simulate a base jump and works on the same static line premise that stunt workers use in movies. The Sky Jump initiates from the same platform as the bungee, 233 meters above the ground but instead of leaping head first the sky jump only requires one long step out into space.

ABOVE: Climbing Mocha Macao Tower.

For the (very) physically fit, Mocha Macao Tower also features wall-climbing and and ascent activity called the Tower Climb, a three-hour, 100-meter climb up the tower’s side.

With the adrenaline portion of the evening commenced jumpers can clean up, take the elevator back up into the sky, and sit down for an elegant dinner while making a full rotation every hour and a half. The 360 restaurant is one of five restaurants housed within the tower and rated as one of the top revolving restaurants in Asia. Featuring a menu that reflects Macao’s international influences 360 serves up dishes of Portuguese, Chinese, and Indian cuisine as well as fresh, local seafood.

The 360 restaurant offers high tea and both lunch and dinner buffets. It also offers an ever-changing vista of Macao laid out views of the Pearl River and on clear days as far as Hong Kong. At night the city sparkles.

If a more intimate environment is needed to come down from the jump, Tromba Rija offers an authentic portuguese culinary experience including its signature roasted suckling pig.

“The 360 Cafe and Tromba Rija have both won awards for their authentic cuisines. At 360 the herb encrusted prime rib and our famous seafood buffet are local favorites, of course the suckling pig at Tromba Rija is unique in Macao,” Steven says. “Either jump before dinner or after dinner; all you need is courage in mind […] be proud of doing it.”