Macao Peninsula

Macao's northernmost territory, the Peninsula is connected to the Chinese mainland at the border with Zhuhai. This is the busiest district of Macao; the most densely inhabited, and home to many of the region's most iconic landmarks and sights of interest. Here, the historic, European-style cobbled streets are lined with Chinese and Portuguese restaurants, and tourists relax in spacious squares or flock to colonial ruins. A living, breathing testament to Macao's fascinating history and more recent transformation into a glamorous playground, visitors will find the remains of St Paul's Cathedral, as well as some of the region's original casinos. Besides plenty to see and do, the Peninsula is also home to the International Ferry Terminal (Terminal Maritimo) and Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal, so most arrivals by boat will dock here.


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A-Ma Temple

On the southwest tip of the Macao Peninsula stands one of the region's oldest Taoist temples, for which Macao is named. A-Ma was built in 1488, is dedicated to Matsu - the goddess of seafarers and fishermen - and is part of the Historic Center of Macao, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Set along the waterfront on the Peninsula's south and southeast borders are a number of Macao's world-famous casinos. From the old-world charm of Casino Lisboa, to the Las Vegas appeal of The Sands, visitors can get busy betting on red or black. The Wynn, meanwhile, offers upscale shopping as well as its regular spectacular fountain show, besides all the glitz of the gambling.

Macao Tower

A social and commercial hub, the Macao Tower Convention & Entertainment Center, aka Macao Tower, is home to some of the region's finest events, shopping and dining. The glass-fronted elevator whisks guests up to the observation deck for 360-degree views of Macao, and thrill-seekers will find exhilaration at the adventure deck. Besides bungy jumping and the Tower Climb, Macao Tower's SkyJump offers the chance to plummet 765 feet before cruising to a safe stop at the bottom.

Mandarin House

The former residence of Chinese thinker Zheng Guanying and his father Zheng Wenrui, Mandarin House was built in 1881. The sprawling compound of elegant buildings is free to enter, and colonial architectural enthusiasts will be delighted.

Monte Fort

To the east of the ruins of St Paul's, this formidable fortress still stands. Also thanks to the Jesuits, it was built in the 17th century as part of the College of the Mother of God - equipped with cannons, barracks and storehouses designed to withstand a siege and defend Macao.

Museum of Art

An excellent collection is housed in this five-story museum, located in Macao's cultural district. From ancient ceramics and stoneware excavated in Macao, to Ming- and Qing-dynasty calligraphy from Guangdong, and not forgetting Chinese and Western pieces by artists who lived in this thriving enclave, it is a must for art aficionados.

Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

One of old Macao's most iconic sites, only the stairway and baroque facade remain of this Portuguese basilica, built by the Jesuits in the 16th century. Once one of the greatest monuments to Christianity in Asia, a kitchen fire in 1835 destroyed everything but the engravings and statues still standing today.

Macao Regions

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