Tabuk is the capital city of the Tabuk region in northwestern Saudi Arabia. Close to the border with Jordan and the Gulf of Aqaba, it has long been a stop for pilgrims from Jordan and Egypt traveling to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The city was also an important stop along the Hejaz railway which was built in 1900. Today the station is a museum and contains a preserved and restored railway engine, freight cars, relics, and manuscripts. The city has a rich history as an oasis town, surrounded by lush palm groves, and today it is one of the Kingdom’s fastest growing industrial cities. There are many reasons to come to Tabuk city and region. Tabuk is known for great archaeological wonders, and well-preserved relics and artifacts can be seen in the city. Another draw to the region is that it is believed to be the setting of the story of the prophet Moses who supposedly lived east of the city. Also within the region are many terrains to explore: carved tombs of Maghaer Shuaib, Moses Springs near Maqna, the steep granite valley of Tayeb Al Ism, and a string of charming coastal towns that offer clear seas and pristine beaches.


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Al Tawba Mosque

Located near the castle, Al Tawba Mosque is also referred to as the Castle Mosque and is a town landmark. It was here where Prophet Muhammad prayed when he arrived with a battalion of men in 630AD for the battle against the Byzantines. Though the battle never took place, while here, the Quran’s ninth chapter was revealed. The mosque is still working and visitors are welcome outside of service times.

Wadi Al Disah

Explore the gorgeous Wadi Al Disah by 4x4 and on foot. This stunning valley south of Tabuk is one of a complex series of sandstone-like valleys that feature towering, dramatic cliffs similar to the Grand Canyon. After rain showers, water pours into the valley allowing lush greenery and wildlife to thrive. This picturesque area is ideal for hiking, birdwatching, camping and picnicking.

Jabal Al-Lawz

A name which means Almond Mountain in Arabic, it is one of the most mythical mountains in Saudi Arabia as some believe it to be the real Mount Sinai where Moses had a mythical experience with God, as mentioned in the Holy Quran. Myths aside, Jabal Al-Lawz is one of the best spots in the country to enjoy winter snowfall, and is a popular hiking destination in the winter. It also offers cave inscriptions and petroglyphs in the valley. Though part of the mountain is off-limits including the peak, panoramic views are still offered along marked paths and trails.

Tayeb Al-Ism

A popular natural attraction, Tayeb Al-Ism is a verdant valley found a few hours outside of Tabuk along the coastal road north of Maqna town. Here, the grand entrance is a narrow passage marked by palm groves and granite massifs. The journey on foot through the valley leads visitors deeper through the scenic canyon, crossing small streams and swathes of palm trees and reeds.

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