Trashiyangtse is an administrative and religious center for the Bhutanese and one of the most densely populated districts in all of Bhutan. This rapidly growing town is situated in a small river valley, several hours east of Bumthang, and best known for its beautifully handcrafted wooden bowls and containers, which are considered among the finest in the country.


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Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary

Drive along the Kholongchu river towards Bomdeling, home to a wildlife sanctuary where black-necked cranes migrate annually for the winter. Bomdeling’s vast wildlife sanctuary is also home to red pandas, tigers and even the extremely elusive snow leopard, and while there is little infrastructure for typical wildlife viewing in Bhutan, your guide will alert you of any chance of spotting various species.

Chorten Kora

Visit the Chorten Kora, a beautiful white stupa, or Buddhist reliquary, inspired by Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal. The stupa, symbolizing peace and harmony, was constructed in 1740 and took 12 years to be completed. The entrance of the chorten is decorated with prayer flags and eyes are painted at the four cardinal points of the building.

Zorig Chusum

Visit the Institute of Zorig Chusum, the traditional institute of arts and crafts, and see how different traditions are practiced in Bhutan. The institute is supported by the government and trains Bhutanese youth in the arts and crafts in order to preserve and promote culture and to contribute to the country’s economy through the production of quality products and services. (Its sister school can be found in Thimphu.)

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