Idyllic, rustic, and of supreme historical importance to the Bhutanese, Trongsa sits on steep ridge and offers spectacular views of the deep valleys surrounding it amidst deep halcyon peace.

Located in the heart of Bhutan, Trongsa has roots reach back to the 16th century and the very beginnings of the nation, built by the great grandfather of Zhabdrung Rinpoche, the father of the Bhutanese nation. The 17th-century Trongsa Dzong can be seen for miles around, a fortress that has protected Trongsa through the centuries.

The more modest Thrupang Palace features absolute serenity among the manicured grass and traditional structures. However, even though this hideaway in Bhutan is pleasantly isolated, the area does have the Yangkhil Resort, a hotel with all modern conveniences and with a view over the Trongsa Dzong.


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Kuenga Rabten Palace

Visit Kuenga Rabten Palace, built in 1928 as the winter palace of the second King Jigme Wangchuk. The palace consists of three floors; the first floor was used for storage, the second was used by the royal attendance and the army and the third floor was home home the Royal family and the King’s chapel.

Mangdu-Chu River Valley

Go hiking on trails along the Mangdu-Chu River, which offer vistas of including a beautiful stretch of rice terraces and a large waterfall.

Trongsa Dzong

Visit the Trongsa Dzong, the largest dzong in Bhutan. The temple was first established in 1543 and has since been repaired on several occasions. The dzong provides a strategic location in the middle of Bhutan and for centuries served as the seat of the Wangchuck dynasty of governors who ruled over most of eastern and central Bhutan.The dzong currently houses around 200 monks and contains a printing house responsible for many religious texts in the country.

Yathra Weaving Center

Explore the Yathra Weaving Center in Zugney and spend the afternoon meeting local weavers. The center is named after yathra, the colorful, handwoven cloths, often with geometric designs, that are produced in this region. These wool of these cloths originates from the sheep reared in nearby Bumthang and is then made into clothing and/or bags.

Bhutan Regions

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