ABN Raj Mahal

Travelers aboard Assam Bengal Navigation’s newest cruiser, the beautiful Raj Mahal, have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the beautiful and enchanting scenery surrounding the mighty River Ganges. Guests can choose to spend six nights traveling downstream or eight nights sailing upstream, between the cities of Farakka and Patna, witnessing all the spectacular landscapes in between and stopping off to visit mosques, monasteries and temples, bazaars and villages. Guests can travel in comfort, retiring each evening to their fresh and stylishly-decorated cabins, all of which boast river-facing windows, perfect for a little reflection as the cruiser glides along. Delicious local and international dishes are served in the ship’s restaurant and guests can take in the morning air or enjoy sunset views on the canopied observation deck. What’s more, for those in need of a little pampering, the ship’s spa offers a range of indulgent treatments.

Why We Love This Hotel

Location: The best way to see real village life in India, floating on the mystic River Ganges, between Farakka and Patna, is aboard the ABN Raj Mahal.

Service: The staff aboard are unparalleled in terms of their knowledge and experience in cruising and exploring the region; guests can expect a top notch experience.

History: The Indian and British team that forms Assam Bengal Navigation were the pioneers of long distance river cruising in India. The ABN Raj Mahal has been specially designed with their shipbuilding expertise for conditions on the Ganges.

Sikkim, India
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