Once an independent kingdom that feuded periodically with Nepal and the British, Sikkim is a landlocked state in the Himalayas that is India's second-smallest (after Goa). Because of its location and history, Sikkim is predominantly Hindu and Buddhist; its residents are descended from both Nepalese and Tibetans, with a small community of migrant residents who work in various commercial pursuits. Given its isolation from the world, Sikkim retains much of its natural beauty, in the form of clear rivers, thick, evergreen forests, meadows of wildflowers, and sharp, imposing mountains. Indeed, within Sikkim, natives still herd yak, tend their fields, and lead lives little changed from centuries before.


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Happiness Home

Visit Happiness Home, a Gangtok orphanage for girls, and take some of the charming young residents to lunch at a local restaurant.

Himalaya Helicopter

Charter a private helicopter for a ride through the breathtaking Himalayas in the vicinity of Kangchenjunga, the planet's third highest peak at 28,169 feet. The helicopter provides supplemental oxygen to help deal with the extreme altitude.

Orchid Farm

Visit a terraced orchid farm spilling down the side of a steep mountain; over 500 exotic species of orchid, including some rare and endangered, grown in Sikkim and are exported for sale the world over.

Royal Dinner

Have a traditional dinner in Gangtok, the capital city, with some of the remaining Sikkim royalty.

Sikkim Cuisine

In the evening have dinner at the home of a top Sikkim chef where you'll be joined by his friends. Have an informal cooking class with him in the kitchen while he prepares the gourmet meal, then sample his recipes during a delicious and entertaining dinner.

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